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I made this for brunch today and though the texture and flavor was overall good, the spinach taste was a little too strong. I have been looking for a recipe to recreate the filling in Panera's spinach and artichoke souffle. The recipe hails from Baking Bites, and I chose it because it calls for similar flavorings and also because crusted quiches are my nemesis. Every so often I make a crustless broccoli quiche with feta and cottage cheese (and will post my cobbled-together recipe next time I do so).

I keep thinking the idea of eggs and cheese and pie crust together sounds great, because I love all of them, but whenever I eat it, I am bitterly disappointed by the sog-factor.
Such was the case with the spinach-feta sausages we got earlier in the week, but I was able to put at least a few of them to good use in an easy crustless quiche. Homemade pie crust is just enough work that, for the most part, I don’t consider quiche worth the risk unless it is crustless. I used a big handful of thawed and drained spinach from the freezer because it was all I had available, and similarly had to forego the sprinkle of feta on top, much to my dismay.

The sausage that started it all was uncased, sliced, and sauteed briefly with the onion and spinach mixture.

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