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Food addiction is like every other addiction including alcoholism, compulsive shopping, internet addiction, gambling or pornography.
Many times, a Flexitarian will stick to a vegetarian diet while at home, but is not adverse to enjoying a bit of meat when among a crowd, or when enjoying a special celebration, or even when they feel like having a bit of animal protein.
The strict vegetarian is a master of putting together their dietary puzzle and knows which foods to eat in order to compensate for those they abstain from. One of the drawbacks of being a Flexitarian is knowing the necessary foods to implement into the daily diet for those times when they choose the Vegetarian Way of Life.
Let's take a look at the difference between a serving of red meat in the diet and how it compares with a vegetable protein. Take note that the caloric values of the foods are in parenthesis to the side of the menu selection.

We could have also enjoyed a serving of the pot roast along with the foods in the Flexitarian Menu - minus the black beans for a total of 637 calories - just a tab too many to insert in the daily diet of most weight loss plans. Another issue with not only red meats - but with other animal proteins as well is that they are almost-always served with sauces or a gravy.
Menu for a High-Protein Diet High protein diets recommend consuming more protein and fat than carbohydrates to promote weight loss. First, we'll provide an example of what the menu of a Flexitarian meal might look like alongside of a meal enjoyed by the numerous meat lovers of the world. These selections can also fit into a diet plan when prepared with lower fat ingredients and when lean animal proteins are used - but they can't compete with vegetable proteins in the areas of lower caloric values and dietary fat distribution. Postprandial Thermogenesis Is Increased 100% on a High-Protein, Low-Fat Diet versus a High-Carbohydrate Free High Protein Diet Menu : 3FatChicks High-Protein Diet for Weight Loss.

As you now know, protein plays a key role in weight loss and protects lean muscle mass, so you lose only fat High Protein Lunch and Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss This plan requires that you eat a high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet for 5 and a half days. 10 Best Foods for Hair Health High-Protein Diets for Weight Loss: Are A high protein diet menu is the new craze for weight loss today, but it is important to pick the right protein foods to gobble up. Some high protein foods are packed Protein Diet Menu Plan to Lose Weight A Protein Diet Menu is not making America over weight.

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