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The main function of these muscles, as seen by how they are striated and run across the abdomen, is for forward flexion, or to pull the chest toward the abdomen, and some limited rotation of the spinal column. Your abs CAN tolerate longer training sessions because they are constantly being working when you are standing, walking, sitting (upright with good posture) etc. It is actually the internal obliques, which are deeper in the body, that function more for lateral flexion, or side bends.

The main function of the abs and obliques is the keep proper posture and provide minor movements in all directions. This can increase the risk for back problems, spinal discomfort, hip flexor issues, pulled muscles, or many other problems.
Some crunch variations wont hurt, as long as they are done under a controlled and proper manner.

Bend to the side while bracing the abs, like you are about to get punched in the gut, just far enough until you feel a slight stretch, then return to standing up straight, not over to the other side.

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