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My many years in the martial arts and bodybuilding gyms have shown me that bodybuilders will almost always put their muscle gains ahead of their health. Unfortunately, most trainers and bodybuilders are influenced by what they read in exercise and bodybuilding magazines. For example, Inuit Greenlanders, who historically have had limited access to fruits and vegetables, have the worst longevity statistics in North America. I think sometimes people hurt themselves more on their diets than help themselves simply because they deprive themselves of healthy nutrition and nutrients.
I also think that chart is misleading because 100 Cal of broccoli is an awfully large quantity. On the chart above that is less than a pound of broccoli, very easy to consume that in a day (or one meal). It's pretty irresponsible to equate kenya's(not the masai) mortality rates with their diet.
According to facts discussed in John Robbins' book "Healthy at 100," Okinawans (at least the elder Okinawans famous for living to be 100 and who do not suffer from the diseases that the elderly in "westernized" nations suffer from) rarely eat animal products. This may not be the perfect ETL diet since it probably contains too many legumes (despite the fact that these are supposed to be unlimited and that vegetables eclipse legume consumption by weight and mass in most of their (our) diets. We do try to put on mass, but most of us stay quite lean while doing it because that is the nature of a whole foods vegan diet.
I myself only consume processed protein powder after a workout, in the form of pea protein. While this isn't an entirely "ideal" lifestyle, lifting weights and getting stronger is a passion for some people and some passions can be stronger than one for eeking out a slightly longer life. I have provided bodybuilding meal plans with several options for you to pick from for your pre and post workout meals and your two other meals that you will eat on days that you weight train.

These are simply some of my favorite meals that I eat, but you are free to eat any combination of foods that you want as long as you come close (within 5 grams) to the protein and carbohydrate amounts that I provide on my body building diet page.
All of these meals are based on the starting nutrition amounts given on my body building diet page, but if you determine that you need to increase your nutrition level, you will need to adjust the values given for these meals accordingly to make sure you are consuming the correct amounts of carbohydrates and muscle building proteins at your increased nutrition level. You will want to visit my body building measurements page for more on measuring your muscle gain progress and increasing your nutrition level to ensure that you continue building lean muscle mass.
These suggestions are intended to make it easier for you to get started on following your bodybuilding diet plan.
You will want to find foods that you enjoy so you do not get bored with eating the same things all of the time and lose the desire to continue following your bodybuilding diet plan. I also recommend keeping a personal bodybuilding meal plans food log of your favorite meals and record the amounts required for each ingredient so you will not have to calculate the required amounts of each ingredient every time you are preparing a meal to make sure you are adhering to the right amounts of muscle building protein and carbohydrates. I encourage you to share any meals or protein shake recipes that you personally enjoy that can be used by others who visit this site by filling out the form at the top of this page. The legendary Vince “The Iron Guru” Gironda, who trained a long list of successful bodybuilders spanning 3 decades, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, has once been quoted to say that “Bodybuilding is 80% diet”. With that said, an ideal diet plan is creating an optimal mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals in order to keep the body nourished like a well oiled machine.
In addition, there is also a specific bodybuilding diet plan that is encouraged to be done about 2 months before competing.
If you were a weightlifter, for instance, you might improve your chances of muscle growth with more animal products then I recommend, certainly.
The educational materials used in most schools have been provided free by the meat, dairy, and egg industries for more than seventy years. They eat a diet high in wild hunted meats and have the worst life expectancy in the modern world.

Younger Okinawans are now on a more Western diet and having the same health problems as all other nations who eat diets high in animal products. This has been his foundation while training a long line of champions, and as they say, “wins don’t lie”. In general, a proportion of 25 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and the remaining percentage occupied by fats and fibers are generally well accepted.
Execute these techniques properly together with a healthy lifestyle, and you should be on your way to getting your best body yet.
These industries have successfully lobbied the government, resulting in favorable laws, subsidies, and advertising propaganda that promote corporate profits at the expense of national health. He has created those many champions partly because of him implementing a comprehensive bodybuilding diet plan to give optimum nourishment for his students. Both of these bodybuilding goals fail to address the scared little guy in the corner - your health.
A big factor in possessing the best body that you can have is to create a perfect bodybuilding diet plan for yourself.
On the first 4 days, no carbohydrate is allowed, and then on the 5th day, normal diet is allowed. While it is a fact that nutritional requirements differ from person to person, but balance is one of the things that you aim for.

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