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Spreading the word about eating disorders is an important part of NEDAwareness Week, as we have seen a sharp increase in help-seeking behavior as the campaign has grown in scope. If you or someone you care about might be suffering from an eating disorder, it is important to educate yourself and seek professional guidance as soon as possible because early intervention is key to successful recovery. This Google Hangout explores the complex ways that media can damage our health and inhibit eating disorder recovery.
There are many stereotypes about what a person with an eating disorder looks like, but the truth is that these illnesses do not discriminate. This Google Hangout will highlight the stories of individuals whose eating disorder experiences are not as represented like other “mainstream” stories of struggle and recovery.
Body image problems, disordered eating and full-blown eating disorders are common among athletes.
While eating disorders may first appear to be solely about food and weight preoccupations, those who who struggle with them are often using their disordered eating to cope with feelings and emotions that may otherwise seem overwhelming.
Check out Proud2Bme On Campus , a partnership with the Recovery Village dedicated to addressing the growing epidemic of eating disorders on college campuses. Physicians and medical professionals can play an integral role in educating and assisting individuals who may be struggling with eating disorders or at risk for developing these illnesses..

Ask your medical provider if they have taken the American Medical Association's (AMA) course on eating disorders. Please share your messages of hope and encouragement about supporting your child through the process of recovery from an eating disorder. Disclaimer: Pieces featured on this site are forms of self-expression and should not be considered medical or professional advice. PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website is general and should not replace evaluation and treatment by a qualified professional. Panelists will talk about why every story matters and how to improve access to resources and support for all people who struggle with eating disorders. Though most athletes with eating disorders are female, male athletes are also at risk - especially those competing in sports such as wrestling, bodybuilding, gymnastics, and running, which tend to place an emphasis on the athlete’s diet, appearance, size, and weight requirements.
This Google Hangout focused on the impact bullying has on eating disorders and poor body image.
Due to a lack of education about the complexities of eating disorders and the range of behaviors and symptoms associated with them, physicians often overlook warning signs or misdiagnose eating disorders. They are in a unique position to help identify eating disorders early,seek professional help and support a child through the recovery process.

Gairdner points out athletes across the board are encouraged to be as fit and lean as possible.
We can’t blame the media, but we do know that this steady stream of unrealistic ideals and digital illusions of “perfection” creates an environment where eating disorders and poor body image thrive. It is also important to note that eating disorders are not a choice – they are not “just a phase” or an attention- seeking behavior. I was also fortunate to have had a supportive dance teacher who made a conscious effort to promote a body-positive environment within our dance studio when she learned about my eating disorder. Although athletes’ bodies can become toned in characteristic ways with vigorous training regimes, you can have a larger body type and be successful in sports. Being a savvy, critical consumer of media is crucial in the fight against eating disorders. As many as 65% of people with an eating disorder said that bullying contributed to their condition (b-EAT).

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