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The post workout food formula can consist of fluids or solid food as long as the athlete can stomach it, literally. Most formulas provide too much fuel for most athletes, some with additional substances such as herbs, which can be illegal to use in collegiate or professional sports--many include just enough to meet the athlete's needs. EPOC causes an additional calorie burn and higher metabolism beyond the workout--a benefit for weight and fat management--a drawback when calories are needed for building the performance athlete.

If athletes have a second workout--lower fat, lower fiber and bland foods are best over high fiber, fat and spicy foods to prevent gut distress. The bottom line is to get something in the body after workouts and if you can't eat whole foods, look for a shake, bar or sport drinks company that is recommended by reputable sports organizations, teams and athletes. For example, the two-a-day athlete would do better with a plain turkey sub with lettuce and tomato after the first workout instead of a Mexican Taco salad with cheese, refried beans, ground beef, guacamole, salsa and the shell.

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