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Here is a list of 12 heavily processed foods that you should avoid in order to have a healthy lifestyle.
Processed meat that includes ready to eat meats like deli meat, sausage, hotdogs, bacon, ham and salami are all high in salt, preservatives and sodium nitrite compared to their unprocessed counterparts.
How to choose a healthier lunch meat, and six key ingredients to avoid A sandwich with a couple of slices of turkey and cheese is a cheap and quick-to-prepare brown-bag lunch, but the health warnings are clear: processed meats have been linked to increased risk of cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. A: The processing of the deli meat doesn’t really matter because they all contain similar harmful ingredients, such as nitrates, to preserve the meat. A: Cultured celery extract seems to be the most popular choice for the “natural” selections of deli meats. A: Look for roast beef or chicken at the deli counter, where you can actually see that they are cutting the meat from the animal.
Joy advises that eating processed meats should really be kept at a minimum — on rare, special occasions. Convenience or ready-to-eat meals and frozen meals are all processed foods that are treated with additives, preservatives and artificial agents to increase their shelf life.

You may either stick to ready to eat processed foods and suffer the negative effects in the long run or give some effort and time in quality cooking and have a strong and healthy body and mind in the long run. Ultimately, there isn’t much difference between any of these factory-farmed processed meats. For example, Maple Leaf Natural Selections turkey has 570 mg sodium per serving, which is nearly half of our daily recommended intake (1000 to 1500 mg)!
Instead of buying luncheon meat, try roasting a chicken on the weekend and use the sliced chicken instead. But these processed foods take heavy toll on our health by ruining our digestive system and leading to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. Try to stick to meat that is whole and in its natural state like steak, turkey and chicken. Well, the first thing that comes to our mind is lean chicken muscle meat that comes from the breast or thighs.
Processed foods are highly addictive and often contain phosphates that erode organs and bones.

Whereas, margarine is an artificial substitute, a highly processed spread made out of vegetable oil, artificial colorants and other ingredients that are harmful for our body. If you have common food allergies, check for wheat, soy, or milk products, which are sometimes added to deli meats. The most common food items, such as, crackers, breakfast cereals, cookies, potato chips and even the innocent pot of yogurt are examples of highly processed food loaded with sugar, salt, fats and preservatives that are extremely harmful for anyone and almost poison for diabetics.
HistorySince 1975, Karen and Donald Reist have been using the very best meat and poultry from local farmers to provide delicious, all-natural products.
From free-run poultry, to meat we grind ourselves, to ducks raised by Mennonites down the road, we focus on providing fresh and frozen products that are delicious, top notch and locally sourced.

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