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Seal and lock pressure cooker, and cook over high heat to build pressure until the indicator sounds (mine whistles). We like lots of gravy, so sometimes I add another can of beef broth depending how much liquid is in the pot.
Mine was a 4.5 lb roast, I pressure cooked on high pressure 55 minutes, and used the natural release method.
Recipe NewsletterSubscribe to our free email newsletter to get our daily recipe picks, cooking tips, and more! In a 5 quart or larger pressure cooker, brown roast well on all sides over medium-high heat.
Add beef broth, tomato paste, water, brown sugar, dry mustard, paprika, lemon juice, cider vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Remove from heat and use the Natural Release Method, leaving pot off of heat until pressure is subsided. My blog's namesake - small engraved sterling silver tea spoons that I use to taste as I'm cooking. Just cook the pork low and slow until it’s tender, add the veggies and cook those until just tender and add the Calvados and cream in at the end.
Just a bit of pressure cooker background here – I was given a pressure cooker in 1962 when I got married the first time. So fast forward to the other day when I was reading Cook’s Illustrated, and they had a lengthy article about PCs.
Anyway, early pressure cookers had some inherent problems (and the article said there were some unscrupulous manufacturers too), but as the years have gone by they’ve been tested and designed for ease of use – and safety for home use. Electric pressure cookers were also examined and found wanting, for a variety of reasons: smaller size (too small), the nonstick coating inside was less durable than the stainless steel in regular models, they lacked handles, they spun around when stirring, and weaker heating elements. If you’re interested, the article says that 5 recipes from Cook’s Illustrated’s new book, Pressure Cooker Magic (not out yet, I gather, since I can’t find it online anywhere), are available for free for 4 months (until May 13th, 2013). The pork shoulder roast should be trimmed of noticeable fat, cut into small chunks, and it’s pressure-cooker cooked for 25 minutes. NOTES: You want very little fluid in the bottom of the pressure cooker when you add the spices.
That’s sliced pot roast in the foreground, laid partly on pasta, and the sort-of red sauce that got whizzed up in the food processor after cooking the meat in the pressure cooker. When I bought my Fagor pressure cooker, I recall watching a video (on a DVD included in the package) and one of the recipes was for risotto. Some months ago I attended a cooking class where the chef prepared barbecued short ribs in a pressure cooker. I was never able to replicate my father’s pot roast until I got over my own fear of the pressure cooker. Of course, another big part of me just wanted to eat that pot roast again and not have to wait for Dad or for Christmas. This Cuisinart electric pressure cooker is the pressure cooker I use, and I highly recommend it. Remove roast from the pressure cooker, slice against the grain - or pull apart with a fork - and serve. I’m sure your Dad will be making his famous pressure cooker pot roast next Christmas for you all to enjoy. Call me stupid but I’ve never seen nor heard of an electric pressure cooker but I certainly love the idea of it. The pot roast sounds scrumptious and I’m sure it will more than stand in till your Dad can make it for you again. I have a pressure cooker and anxiety using it as well after ending up with butter beans on the ceiling our first year of marriage. My favorite pressure cooker cookbooks are for stovetop though (The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook and Miss Vicki’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes). To the liquid in the pan (about a cup) add the shallot and Dijon mustard and cook over medium-high heat until the shallot is tender, about 3-4 minutes.

I used it, and then one unfortunate day I was cooking artichokes, got distracted, went outside and totally forgot about the artichokes jiggling away in the kitchen. It was at a cooking class about 5-6 years ago that the instructor (Deb Buzar) made short ribs, and she did it in the pressure cooker.
The only model they half-heartedly recommended was Emeril by T-fal CY4000001 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, Silver.
Certainly not as good as my tried-and-true French Pot Roast a la Mode that I’ve used for years. You add the white wine and let it evaporate, then broth is added and you let it do its pressure cooker thing.
In pressure cooker pan, heat the olive oil and gently fry the onion until soft and translucent. Nothing came with the pressure cookers except a tiny minimally informative booklet and a DVD. He was a master at preparing flavorful, juicy roast beef in his ancient Presto pressure cooker. Though I never witnessed any explosions, the noises emitted from that cooker as the pressure increased inside were enough to put an everlasting fear and mistrust of that device into me. Because my taste memory of that dish is permanently intermingled and entwined with memories of my father, I wanted him to be the only one to cook that pot roast for us. I made my own version, staying true to the general idea of my father’s pot roast, but infusing my own touches into the recipe.
I hope to learn more about my Cuisinart to adjust these recipes and expand my cooking choices.
We have hundreds of different recipes for everything from cream cheese brownies to Kahlua brownies to vanilla blondies. The fruit is harvested (either by hand or mechanically) and pressed into a juice that is fermented into a dry cider. It wasn’t a pressure cooker class – but she’d arrived at the class at about 5pm, was somewhat short on time to prep for the class. There’s one for Asian-Style Boneless Beef Short Ribs, Chicken Broth, Easy Chicken and Rice, Easy Ziti with Sausage and Peppers, and Parmesan Risotto. And I just posted 2 days ago an article about cooking beans – if you click on this link, you’ll go to that one, and do print out the 2-page chart which includes the cooking times for cooking every possible kind of bean in a pressure cooker.
Also, don’t put much water in the pan – it makes some fluid (water and fat) as it cooks, but after the meat is cooked, you mix the limited amount of fluid with the three spice powders (ancho, chipotle and achiote) to make a kind of sauce on the meat at the end. Referring to a recipe in one of my 3 pressure cooker cookbooks, I settled on an Italian style roast because I knew my DH would enjoy having just a little bit of pasta on the side.
I wasn’t sure the mushrooms would withstand the pressure cooker method, so I added them in at the end (along with the garlic and parsley and Parmesan cheese). The hissing and spitting sounds made by that pressure cooker and the savory aromas of the beef filled the house on Christmas, teasing us with the promise of the delectable meal that awaited us. And I managed to avoid the scary, old fashioned stove-top pressure cooker, instead using the more modern electric version for my version of Dad’s pot roast. When oil is hot, brown the roast on both sides, about 4-5 minutes per side, then remove roast to a plate. Yet, when it comes to cooking, as I’ve gotten older (oh, excuse me, mature!) I really like knowing why things work. The pressure cooker, one of those old-old Presto versions – was still on the stove, the jiggly top had blown off and the artichokes were burned to a crisp and obviously there was no more water inside. But, she explained that she always does her barbecued short ribs in the pressure cooker – mostly because the recipe she shared (linked just above – and is still my go-to short rib recipe) was from her mother-in-law, and SHE had always made it in the pressure cooker. After reading reviews, I decided to buy a Fagor, and purchased a variation of the 5-piece set (the one you see pictured at the top) – Fagor Duo Combi 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set. This pressure makes it more difficult for water molecules to turn to vapor – therefore raising the boiling point from 212 to 250 degrees.
Some time in the 1900’s, after World War II, there was a big surge to develop them for the home cook.

They were pressure cooked for 5 minutes and I did a quick cool-down under the faucet and into a serving bowl they went with a sprinkle of Italian parsley and the orange zest. Until I tasted the results of that recipe (the short ribs) I had kept that interest at bay.
You'd have to release the pressure which would let out valuable steam and I'd think you'd end up with a drier roast. If it’s not, continue to pressure cook for 2-3 minuites at a time until the meat is cooked through but not dry. At one time I used my badly warped pressure cooker to cook chicken backs and necks (which were dirt cheap back in the 1970’s), reduce them to mush, and feed them to my female dog who had just whelped and was quite thin and weary from caring for and feeding her litter of puppies. The bottom of pressure cooker pans enclose a heavy-duty aluminum ring, encased in stainless steel, that regulates and retains heat.
With time of an essence, I knew I needed to do this in the pressure cooker, so the recipe below is done that way, but you can do this all without one – just cook the meat mixture on the stove until barely cooked through, and cook the vegetables until they’re tender. I removed the meat (because I didn’t want to cook the meat any further – it was perfectly cooked), then I added all the vegetables and apples and those were pressure cooked for 4 minutes.
And because the pot stays closed, cooking requires much less liquid than usual, and flavors concentrate. Mine has a tiny little plastic plug and when it’s under steam pressure the plug sticks up (kind of like those little plastic thingies that come in turkeys, that supposedly pop out when the turkey is done).
I’d marinated some steaks and just needed to make the sauce to go on them, chop the salad and pan roast the Brussels sprouts. Once pressure is released, the plastic plug slips back down into the lid so I know it’s safe to remove the lid. So don’t use the cooker on a really high BTU burner (those are always a wider ring of flame). Well, this isn’t quite as flavorful as a many-hour roasted carnitas roast, but for a quick weeknight dinner this was just fine. If it’s too moist, continue to cook over low to medium heat until some of the liquid has evaporated. I bought mine on eBay – it was a Fagor Duo combi set – it comes with two base pots (a 4-quart and an 8-quart), one pressure cooker lid, a steamer insert, and a glass lid. First, your cooker should have some fill lines;as long as your recipe does not go over your top line you are ok. With the liquid left in the pan I added the shallot and Dijon mustard and let that simmer for a few minutes until the shallot was cooked.
I have some canned stuff and a few frozen bags, but mostly my freezer is full of meat products, at least 5 pounds of different kinds of nuts, a few oddball things like frozen limeade, squeezed lemon juice from our Meyer lemon trees, chutneys of a few varieties, and some ordinary things like chili, soup (lots), bread, bacon, sausage that we have for breakfast most days, a few cookies, one dessert I made a couple of weeks ago, and some chipotle chiles. Second, after browning the meat put the veggies on the bottom and if your roast has a fat side, always put that side up. That recipe requires a bit more cooking time than this one, but it has some added steps too.
Reduce heat just enough to maintain high pressure and cook for 55-60 minutes (err towards 60 minutes if your roast is closer to 5 pounds than 4). PC QUEENJuly 14, 2013 REVIEW: I use my PC about once a week so I'm always looking for new recipes. I adapted the magazine recipe a little (I used more pork and I’m glad I did because we barely had enough for 5 people), so the recipe below has been changed with my additions and changes. I am not familiar with pressure cooking, so I was pleasantly surprised and will do this one often!

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