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Pork so tender it shreds easily when pulled, served on a bun with a smoky, sweet barbecue sauce.
Pulled pork is great because it makes enough to feed a crowd, or if you don’t have a crowd to feed, it freezes well too.
I made this last week and it was so much better than I thought it would be, given the simplicity of the recipe. About that last step, where you cook the shredded pork, together with more BBQ sauce and some cooking liquid: I ended up with a scorched pot (lots of sugar in that BBQ sauce!), with shreds of pork stuck in the burnt bits. Omg you burnt my stove top pc it’s ruined after about 20 min there was a bad smell after 30 min cooker was dry. With the electric pressure cooker there is no need to stay in the kitchen while the pressure cooker cooks. When we go to barbecue festivals like the Roc City Rib FestВ or barbecue restaurants like Famous Dave’s we inevitably get at least one pulled pork sandwich and slather on the sauce. This month we got a lot of pork in our meat CSA share though High Point Farms, and one of the cuts happened to be pork butt. I found a few different ways to cook pulled pork in the pressure cooker, and at first wasn’t sure which one to use.
Since there was a huge difference in the cooking times, I decided to consult a pressure cooker cookbook to see if they had a recipe and how much time was recommended for this cut of meat.
When the time is up remove the pressure cooker from all heat and follow theВ natural release method.
The flavor of slow cooked pulled pork in a fraction of the time by cooking in a pressure cooker.

It’s quick and easy, but be sure and remove as much fat from the pork as possible before shredding it in the mixer.
I find most of the fat melts away from the pork shoulder and you can skim the fat off the juices.
I had never cooked a pork butt before so I immediately did what I do when I need recipe inspiration: I searched Google. He made his own barbecue sauce and cooked the meat in it directly for only 16 minutes before using the natural release method. In Miss Vickie book she suggested 35 – 40 minutes using at least two cups of liquid and natural release for pork butt, but didn’t have a pulled pork recipe.
I would use store bought sauce that we had on hand (next time we areВ definitelyВ making our ownВ barbecueВ sauce), mixed with a little bit of water and cook the meat directly in that.
After browned, the pork out to rest on a plate; add the garlic and onion to sautГ©, until they are just translucent. Immediately reduce the heat to the lowest possible setting to maintain pressure, and set the timer for 1 hour.
I wonder if the problem was you didn’t have enough liquid for the pressure cooker to come to pressure properly.
I set the pressure for 90 minutes because of the increased amount of meat, and left the house to take my kids to baseball.
To avoid it next time, instead of pressure cooking it, you can just combine the barbecue sauce, cooking liquid with the meat and saute it for a few minutes, stirring frequently to avoid burning.
They were out of pork shoulder at the butcher’s, so they gave me something else that turned out to be a non-optimal cut of pork (quite lean, so a bit stringy in the end) but still delicious.

My cooker is an old, stovetop model and have never cooked anything for more than 25 minutes or left the room while it is on the stove.
The pork wouldn’t be covered in water, but we would use the recommended two cups of liquid, and I wouldn’t have to take the time to simmer and make my own sauce. I updated the recipe with the new instructions to just bring the meat to a simmer at the end, so no one else will have the same problem. As soon as you think something’s not right, remove it from the heat and open the pressure cooker. Maybe start with an extra five minutes and if it needs longer it will come back to pressure quickly.
It’s also the cut used most often in pulled pork, and almost all of the recipes that included it in their ingredient list were for pulled pork in one form or another. Of course, I decided to use the pressure cooker and shave the time down to a little over 1 hour. When beep sounds, turn off pressure cooker and use a natural pressure release to release pressure (this took approximately 20 minutes).
Carefully remove the meat from the pressure cooker and shred with two forks, discard excess fat as you shredded.

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