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Today’s post is a guest post from a Pressure Cooker Today reader. Lisa loves her Fagor stove top pressure cooker.
Hi Lee – yes, I think that cook time would work for the carrots and potatoes as well. Hi Sue – yes, you can definitely only use two pork chops without changing the recipe and it will cook at the same rate.
Without sounding ignorant, I see you have the tomato sauce poured over the pork chops, BUT don’t say when to put the sauce in the pressure cooker, or even if you wait till the end.
It would be helpful to have reviews of people who actually tried the recipe, not just people who thought the recipe looked good.
Hi Lisa – I mentioned at the bottom of the post that I also made the recipe, but I made it without the veggies and served the pork chops over noodles. When I got married 35 years ago, one of the meals my husband asked me to make was pork chops in mushroom gravy. Hi Kerry – a lot of the flavor in this simple recipe comes from browning the pork chops well to get all those brown bits on the bottom of the pot to add to the gravy. It needs to fit in the pressure cooker without going above the maximum fill line and with room around it on the sides.
While there are many sources on the Internet of cooking terms, you may find some of these helpful. Lightly brown peppered pork chops on both sides, a few at a time, removing as you go onto a plate.
Pick your favorite!!В This recipe is quite versatile, and I have some notes at the end you may want to refer to. If you’re using boneless or thin pork chops, reduce your cook time to 6 to 8 minutes.

The thickness of the meat determines the cook time in pressure cooking, more than the volume of the meat being cooked. I cooked boneless pork chops in my Fagor today but my wife was disappointed in that, while cooked thoroughly, the middle of these chops were pretty dry.
Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker. The flavor is great, especially if you brown the pork chops well so you get lots of carmelization on the bottom of the pan that incorporates in to the gravy. To finish defrosting meat without cooking the edges like often happens in the microwave, I put the meat in a Ziploc and put it in the sink with cold water – similar to how you would quickly thaw a turkey. There’s a learning curve, yet now I have most of my family all hooked and we share our recipes, websites, etc.
I am amazed at how many of your recipes were the very same recipes my mom made when I was a kid, and this is one of them. In addition to typical pork chops, pork sirloin chops might be an option as might pork shoulder chops though the latter are typically fairly thin. I grew up thinking a pressure cooker is a pretty cool way to cook food, and I made sure to register for one when I got married.
As you’re cooking you should taste and adjust the recipe to your liking, especially salt and pepper. This recipe is pure comfort food, but it would really help if you would list the thickness of the pork chop you use. However, she used to make these in a skillet on the stovetop, which I realize now is something of a surprise since she used her pressure cooker like none other!
I made this recipe a few weeks ago, when my parents were visiting, and was reminded of just how good it was.

I am also wondering if this will work for other recipes…reducing number of steaks or chops as long as they are still the right size.
I’m going to for sure make this the pressure cooker way (the only true way, haha) from now on! The thickness is better than say 2 pounds, because in this mouth watering picture it looks like 8 pork chops.
My mom made this recipe when I was a kid and I will be trying your pressure cooked version. Also, if your pork chops were very lean and boneless, they tend to dry out and won’t add much flavor to the sauce. I pressure cooked it for 16 minutes, let it naturally release pressure for 10 minutes and then opened the valve.
Add pork chops and any juices that may have accumulated on the platter to the cooking pot. Lock lid in place and select High Pressure. When beep sounds turn off pressure cooker and use a natural pressure release to release pressure (approximately 15 minutes).
Once done, we put a pork chop over a bed of egg noodles and poured the gravy over top of it.

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