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With a conventional pot, you’ll have to boil the soup for at least 3-4 hours to make the peanut soft, but with the pressure cooker, 30-45 minutes is all you need for the same results.
I went on vacation for two weeks at the beginning of November.В  I went and visited the city of Taipei, Taiwan!В  I had so much good yummy Chinese food while I was there.В  And when I came back home, I actually missed the Chinese food and wanted more!В  So in honor of my trip, I made some Oxtail Vegetable Soup over the weekend! Cut the potatoes in half and then quarter them.В  Keep the onions, carrots and potatoes together in a bowl to cook together later. When the pre-cooking of the oxtail is complete, release the pressure and remove the cooking pot.В  Drain all the water from inside and rinse the oxtail so all the gunk and grime is washed away.
But a very persistent reader has been emailing me about creating a Pressure Cooker Vietnamese Pho recipe for the past 2 years. Big thanks toВ Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans CookbookВ by my friends Michelle Tam and Henry Fong for another stellar recipe. Dried rice noodles cook differently from the regular wheat-based Italian style pasta that you’re used to.

Approximately: 30 minutes to build up pressure + 60 minutes under pressure + 30 minutes to release pressure. It was a godsend, suddenly cooking soup become way faster and easier, and I think everyone who loves any sort of Chinese style soup should invest in one. A dish that I always love as a kid but never did get to have them very often due to the time it takes to cook using a conventional pot. This is possible because with the increase in pressure (usually at around15 psi), the water will boil in much higher temperature at 122В CelsiusВ compared to the usual 100В Celsius, and this make a world of difference.
LOVE this cookbook, I can’t recommend it enough and have purchased copies for my friends.
I’m creating notes for Paleo and non-Paleo recipe the Vietnamese Beef Pho using the pressure cooker.
Exact timing is really not that important - and also depends on your pressure cooker system.

Once finished cooking and safe to open, open the pressure cooker and using a fine mesh or ladle, remove the top layer of fatty liquid that has accumulated on the surface of the broth and discard (there will be lots of it.) Remove the onion, ginger and spice sachet and discard. This looks like a fabulous recipe and another opportunity to use my Christmas gift to myself, my Instant Pot. I’m pretty much positive it was your recipe for Beef Pho that I used when I made it the first time. It will take time to build up pressure (usually 30 minutes) and additional time to release pressure after cooking (usually 30 minutes).
Serve with the remaining sides a la carte so each person can add whatever they'd like to their soup.

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