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This scrumptious sweet potato casserole gets fabulous flavor from honey and freshly grated orange zest rather than the traditional stick of butter. Yet for much of that time I had been in the same position as the one in three adults who, according to research published this week in BMJ Open, are on the verge of developing diabetes. I had always thought my diet was fairly healthy, but in fact I learned it was the opposite. Research shows the high glycemic index in potatoes can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Nimoy is in good company, particularly among his paleo brethren who follow a diet built on lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats, and eschew foods including grains, dairy and legumes.

True, potatoes have a high glycemic index and, as such, have a greater effect on your blood sugar than other vegetables such as broccoli or carrots. Cooking potatoes and then cooling them for a dish like potato salad can lower the glycemic index, too, Burton-Freeman says. If you have diabetes—or if you’re cooking for someone who does—you don’t have to eat special foods or be excluded from what “everyone else” is eating. Like others with type 2 diabetes, I was facing the risk of complications such as heart disease, stroke, amputations and blindness. You won’t sacrifice flavor with our healthy diabetes dinners that are low in calories and carbohydrate servings.

My mother had type 2 diabetes from the age of 45, but none of the doctors I met over the years had ever spelled out the odds I was facing.

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