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When the craving strikes, it's hard to resist a bag of crunchy, salty chips.While low-fat (3g or less) and reduced-fat (at least 25% less than full-fat versions) chips aren't exactly good for you, they're better than the regulars. A major nutritional drawback to potato chips is the large amount of sodium added to the food to enhance the flavor. When I snack, I try to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I want something with crunch, not the moist crunch of a carrot but the carb-filled crunch of a potato chip.
My taste in snacks runs from the very simple (baked tortilla chips) to the unusual (roasted okra). Using a mandolin or v-slicer, slice one medium russet potato (peeled, if you like) as thinly as possible, taking care that all slices are the same thickness. Salt and Vinegar Chips: Dip each potato slice into cider vinegar before putting it on the parchment paper. My favorite spur-of-the-moment snack is simple: rinsed, canned chickpeas sprinkled with Creole seasoning. This week I finally got around to trying a healthy snack that so many bloggers have said that they love. Timing is crucial for these chips: too long and they taste burned, two short and they are chewy rather than crispy. Unfortunately for me, your warning about the microwave chip gadget came too late- luckily mine was only $2 at a thrift store!
I can’t wait to try the kale chips – it never even occurred to me to have kale that way!
Thanks for all thw wonderful snack ideas , shall try them except for the kale chips, just doesn’t appeal to me either. I started making microwave potato chips a few years ago after 28 Cooks posted a recipe for them — soo, sooo good. I make something similar to your roasted chickpeas but I always soak and cook the chickpeas fully before roasting them. I love potato wedges – just cut the potatoes into wedge shapes, toss in a tablespoon or less of oil plus seasonings and bake in a hot oven for approx. I had to laugh when I saw this post because I made both the kale chips and the chickpeas the day before your post!

I think I may now have to break down and buy a mandolin so that I can make those potato chips.
I like the cheesy roasted chickpeas from Vegan Lunchbox (a sprinkle of nutritional yeast before roasting).
I made the potato chips successfully, and then I tried it with beetroot, and it worked too!
Oh my goodness, i just love chick peas and vegitable chips, I have a new favorite though that has made me want to swear off fries.
I have made kale chips a couple of times and they are COMPLETELY addictive (made a huge batch one time for a road trip with my sis and they were demolished before we were halfway to our destination)! I just bought some kale for the first time today; I’m really excited to make some kale chips tomorrow! I sometimes coat roasted chickpeas in chickpea flour (not very original, I know!) and they end up extra crunchy. Baked potato chips are a lower-fat alternative, but that doesn't mean that they're nutritious. A 1-cup serving of baked potato chips contains 6.19 grams of fat, of which less than 1 gram is saturated. A 1-cup serving of baked potato chips contains 216 milligrams of sodium toward your daily upper limit of 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams of sodium, depending on your age and health status.
Cut raw potatoes into thin slices and scatter them on a baking sheet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story.
Line the turntable tray of your microwave with parchment paper and place the potato slices on it without overlapping. Turn the chips over and bake for 3-7 more minutes, until crispy and edges just beginning to brown. I want to try all these snacks, I haven’t had potato chips in a long time and your chickpeas look fantastic!
I am CONSTANTLY looking for healthy things to snack on, but usually rely on store bought rice crackers.

I have been looking for new snacks since school started and I can’t wait to try the microwave potato chips. I almost reached for the bag in my pantry, but then I remembered your microwaveable chips, and decided to try those instead. I used a Silpat for the roasted chickpeas, and they didn’t burn at all, even though I forgot to toss them.
But I came up with something very interesting, very healthy, and something so yummy that my KIDS actually agree!
I bake kale chips at 225 and I put sesame seeds, sea salt, olive oil and a bit of pepper on them. While baked potato chips do supply small doses of calcium, potassium and iron, they shouldn't be a regular part of your healthy eating plan because they're still high in sodium and contain more calories per cup than regular potato chips.
Compared to regular potato chips, which contain 136 milligrams of sodium per cup, baked potato chips are the less healthy version. The same serving of baked potato chips provides 42 milligrams of bone-building calcium and 245 milligrams of the 4,700 milligrams of potassium you need to support the proper function of your heart and muscles. Drizzle the potato slices with olive oil and sprinkle them with your favorite dried herbs and spices such as rosemary, thyme or chili powder.
Once it was cooked very very thick i placed it on a cookie sheet to firm and chill completely.
Bake the potatoes until they are crispy for chips that are low in fat and sodium but supply good amounts of potassium, vitamin C and fiber. I’ve been wanting to try roasted chickpeas and will give this a try soon (as well as trying the microwave chips!). I did another bunch in the oven, lightly sprayed with oil, and the microwave chips were more even and consistently crunchy.

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