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If you’re looking to go organic, there are many ways to supplement your lawn or garden with potassium without using chemical fertilizers.
Compost: Compost is full of nutrients, including potassium, especially if it is beefed up with banana peels and other fruit and vegetable waste. Wood Ash: The original source of “potash” fertilizers, hardwood ashes can be used directly as a fertilizer (about a 5-gallon bucket per 1000 square feet) or added to your compost pile to increase the potassium content.
Kelp Meal: Available dried or liquid, kelp and seaweed offer potassium to the soil in a fairly quick-release form. Greensand: Mined from ancient former sea beds and is rich in a number of minerals including potassium.

Muriate of Potash (potassium chloride): Mined from ancient deposits, this commercially available product can be used as natural sources of potassium, though the chlorine found in it can harm soil microbes. Granite Dust: Available from granite quarries, granite dust is a relatively inexpensive way to add potassium and tract minerals to your soil. I used to know a guy that would cut up Bananas (peel and all) and smash them into the soil around his plants when it was time to for them to flower, then water over top of the banana-coated soil. It’s involved in protein synthesis and in the flow of nutrients and water up and down the plant.
The potassium compounds in compost are water-soluble, which makes them readily available to plants but also likely to leach out of your compost pile over time.

It’s used both as a fertilizer and a soil conditioner, or it can be mixed with compost. We have done ok with this but within the last 4 months have been using Miracle Grow (acid plant formula) and the results have been much better.

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