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The Facts: Although a steady diet of alkaline foods is meant to make the body more alkaline, blood pH is regulated by the kidneys. The Claims: Human beings evolved to eat the diet they ate during the stone age - no milk, or wheat, or processed foods. The Claims: Forks Over Knives is not so much a book as a constellation of media, including a book, a cookbook, and a documentary about the diet formulated by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. In the documentary, one woman on the Esselstyn diet seems to fight off breast cancer with the diet. The Facts: The documentary never actually claims that a low-fat vegan diet stops cancer, which is good, because it does not.

Although experts agree that The China Study shows very strong correlation between an increase of fat and meat in diet and an increase in cancer and heart disease, the study has some problems. The book does, however, make good points about how hard Americans were pushed to make grains a staple of our diet. Send me a free issue of Scientific American with no obligation to continue the subscription. One study linking diet and Alzheimer's makes it clear that, although obesity and diseases like Alzheimer's are related, obesity hasn't been proven to cause Alzheimer's. She has translated good science on eating and dieting into clear, friendly, informal language that virtually anyone with concerns about weight will find both interesting and helpful.

Even more important, Markey has organized myriad findings about eating and dieting into a highly organized, practical format. To get really healthy, most of us need to radically change our diet, not just add a couple of salads a week.

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