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Weight control, like any other Health aspect must be approached from a holistic perspective. You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose Inches (Centimetres) and reshape your body. When atherosclerosis affects the arteries that supply blood to your digestive system, Liver, Pancreas and Kidneys, the risk factors are multiplied, leading to more weight gain, Diabetes Type 2, Kidney failure and many other ‘abdominal’ disorders. Body Mass Reduction, rather than weight loss – use a tape measure, body shape and your clothes, to show you the progress towards your goal.
The Morning Formula is an exclusive formulation of only the highest quality nutrients in synergistic ratios that help stimulate metabolism throughout the morning and early afternoon.

The one-of-a-kind specialized fiber blend within the Fiber Shake consists of fibers that expand upon delivery to the stomach, ultimately helping to further curb appetite and cravings, while the other fibres work as a food source for healthy bacteria— required to maintain optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination. The Natural Health Academy - For those who are searching for help and advice, this is your home of Holistic Health and Wellbeing.
A disease that was caused by something else, and until the cause is found and removed, there is very little chance of being able to lose weight. Because the calculation requires only two pieces of information, height and weight, it is an inexpensive and easy method to estimate the weight categories that can lead to health problems.
However, the human body loses about 3% of its weight every 24 hours in the process of living.

It also contains nutrients that help to boost levels of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, which is necessary for effective relaxation, deep sleep, craving control and fat loss. The Fiber Shake proteins are absorbed easily and help to optimize metabolism, all the while working to reduce appetite and cravings.

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