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These plantain chips are my paleo answer to an overwhelming desire to enjoy chips and guacamole!
I actually discovered plantain chips in my local health food store during the early stages of dealing with the corn allergy, long before I even know what paleo was.
Mofongo Puerto Rican Style Plantains are a paleo friendly , delicious, sub for mashed potatoes. Honestly, they could even be a bit riper than that and the finished sweet plantains would be even tastier. Cutting the plantains on a diagonal is very important when you’re making platanos maduros.
When I’m making sweet plantains (at least a once a week occurrence around here), I always use my heavy-duty aluminum baking sheet and my Silpat mat. There’s a wonderful little Cuban place near our house that serves your choice of savory or sweet plantains with every meal.
They have continued to be an occasional indulgence (I even used them to make a breading for my yummy paleo chicken fried steak) but I try not to eat them too often since the only ones I can find in stores are fried in vegetable oils I generally avoid consuming for multiple reasons, including their higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratios.

My favorite brand is available online from Barefoot Provisions –В my trusted source for consciously curated paleo and primal foodstuffs. In fact, I happen to know for a fact that I could serve up pork and rice with plantains or black beans 5 nights a week and they’d be eaten enthusiastically. This leaves the plantain ripe and ready for cutting on the diagonal into lozenge-shaped pieces. It maximizes the surface area available for delicious caramelization!В As a side dish, one plantain is never enough for both of us, but two usually feels like a little too many. Two plantains usually fit quite nicely on a normal baking sheet without overcrowding the pieces, so this recipe calls for two plantains. The peels pop open when the plantains are done and it was so easy to remove the plantain and mash it up with the cilantro, garlic, and cooked bacon.
Arrange the plantain slices on a baking sheet and place on the middle rack of the oven once it's heated. Fortunately, after some time of eating a clean paleo diet, I seem to have healed my gut enough that I no longer have allergic reactions to trace amounts of corn, but I’m not brave enough to actually knowingly eat it.

Add the sliced plantains in a single layer (you will need to fry in several batches) and watch very closely as they will burn easily.
Wedge your fingers or a spoon between plantain and the peel ,then slide down until each scored section of the peel comes off.* might take a little practice. For super delicious plantains, turn on the broiler when the plantains have about 5 more minutes of baking left.
Plantains are Paleo-friendly and make a fantastic Paleo dessert or breakfast idea in addition to a delicious side dish for pretty much any meal. Place plantains back in the warm pot and mash with a potato masher or electric hand beater.

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