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Make pizza dough, pizza base and then bake pizza in Microwave Convection Oven at home easily with our tried and tested recipe. My personal favorite is green bell-pepper (called Capsicum in India) as it provides a lot of color and crunchiness to veggie pizza. Normally, we buy the un-baked pizza base from market and then top it up with cheese and veggie’s to bake. Before we start decorating, lets do some multi-tasking and put on the microwave on pre-heat to save time.
You would need to check your Microwave-convection manual to know more about how to activate the convection mode. Pizza is served hot normally with Tomato Ketchup and Red Chili flakes (Dry Red chili crushed into small tiny pieces).

You can refrigerate the Pizza for up-to 3-4 days and re-heat in an OVEN (or Microwave Oven) before serving again. I have personally never liked the pizza base partially because of not been able to successfully bake it in a desired manner.
We use the Onida Microwave Convection Oven and we have seen our friends and relatives using IFB, Samsung and LG too. I assume that you already have round shaped baking dish.We are using a Microwave with a convection mode. It is done normally to bring the Microwave Oven to a pre-defined temperature even before we put anything to bake.
The best part is that you just have to throw whatever you want on top of it and Pizza will never complain!

Spread the Tomato sauce all over the pizza base except corners (as shown in the image) with the help of a spoon. If you have no option other than standard microwave (no convection mode), then re-heat only for 1-2 minutes. You may have to refer your Microwave Oven’s manual for turning the convection mode ON.

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