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Booktopia - Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook, '70 Recipes for Incredible Stone-Baked Pizzas and Breads, Roasts, Cakes and Desserts, All Specially Devised for the Ou by Holly Jones, 9781903141946. This title contains 70 recipes for incredible stone-baked pizzas and breads, roasts, cakes and desserts, all specially devised for the outdoor oven and illustrated in over 400 photographs.
The 70 recipes are all devised or adapted for the oven, and come with step-by-step instructions and photographs.
You have created a fabulous product — I believe that your wood fired ovens can change the world!
Learn how to bake a pizza in your wood fired oven from Andrea Mugnaini in this instructional video. Boasting the colors of the Italian flag, this tasty pizza combines the sweetness of roasted bell peppers with the deep smoky notes of mozzarella, the bite of lemon and red pepper flakes to create an extremely satisfying taste experience. You’ll be surprised at how just three ingredients, roasted asparagus, parmigiano cheese and white truffle oil can create such a complex and delicious pizza. Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is made for Kiwi outdoor living and The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven is the one comprehensive source of everything you need to know to share in that lifestyle.

It offers everything you need to know about cooking in a wood-fired oven, from lighting a fire to inspirational recipes. After mastering the irresistible pizzas you will want to use your fired-up oven to cook amazing dishes like jerk chicken, marinated pork ribs and bistecca Fiorentina.
He and his parents, Joan and Stan, wrote 'The Tucci Cookbook,' a collection of family recipes, with chef Gianni Scappin. Highly regarded chef, culinary lecturer and author Alan Brown built his own oven, and here he shares invaluable practical advice on all aspects of oven management, as well as his own irresistible recipes, photographed in sumptuous colour by Todd Eyre.
It includes menu suggestions and timing guides for making the most of your fired-up oven, and using the falling temperatures for slow-cook casseroles, and bakes. You won’t believe quite how delicious food tastes cooked in a pizza oven, whether seafood, meat, vegetables, bread, desserts or, of course, pizzas! The classic dishes traditionally cooked on wood fires or in communal stone ovens are all featured, such as Boston baked beans, cornbread, porcetta, kleftico and English muffins, as well as exciting new recipes such as scallops with chilli and mint, and pear and almond tart. In the last chapter you will find tempting recipes for apple pie, crumble, meringues, cakes and brownies.

The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven also includes the perennially popular Shed magazine article on how to build a pizza oven, as well as profiles of a variety of Kiwis and their ovens, with their (often hilarious) experiences, recipes and tips.
You can use your oven to create not only the best pizzas you've ever eaten, but also weekend brunches, mouthwatering casseroles for winter lunches, tea-time cakes and bakes and year-round outdoor meals that everyone will love.
Whether you want your oven to become a pizza party sensation, the centre of cookout weekends or your new outdoor kitchen, this book is a delight and inspiration. This book covers every aspect of cooking in a wood-fired oven, with instructions on seasoning, lighting, and controlling temperatures.

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