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Calorie-Counting Versus Eating SmartAlthough how many calories you eat and how many you burn is an essential factor when it comes to weight management and optimum physical fitness, I do not recommend obsessive calorie counting. What's great to focus on are your food choices, portions, and the frequency, duration, and intensity of your workouts. Everyone talks about the improvement in technology that reduces that work of human, now the science and technology has been upgraded so much so that every iota of work can be done online. But physical fitness and the nutritious diet are highly essential to build up a disease free body. They build and repair tissues, give heat and energy, and regulate body processes.” Without being too strict with yourself, you can make healthy food choices that will enhance your nutrition and physical fitness program and keep you energized throughout your day!Calories and WeightDepending on your weight, age, and fitness goals, it is a good idea to eat between 1600-2200 calories per day. Blood glucose levels, cardiovascular diseases are more likely to occur to those who are exactly like “couch potatoes” and enjoy life doing nothing. If you’re a 5'9" male, weigh around 165 pounds, and do a 45-minute aerobic workout four times per week; it's good to eat around 2000 calories per day. Know what foods are low-calorie, nutrient-rich energizers and which are high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie energy zappers!
If you’re a 5'4" female, weigh 130 pounds, and do a 30-minute aerobic workout 3 times per week, it would be more suitable to eat roughly 1700-1800 calories per day to maintain your weight.

It takes a little while (approximately 15 minutes) for your brain to get the message from your stomach that food is being digested and converted into energy. The food industry makes more money if you buy and eat more food, so they have an investment in pushing more and more into our mouths!
Regularly consuming an unnecessarily high amount of calories throughout one’s life, especially in the form of excess animal protein, can lead to obesity and high cholesterol and play a roll in the development and progression of other diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more. In their book,The China Study, which focuses mostly on evidence that cancer is caused by a diet high in animal protein, T.
It is these nutrients, and how close they are to their natural state when eaten, that offer a higher or lower energy factor. That means, if you eat a food in its raw state, you can consume less of it and still feel satiated and energized!
The longer a food is heated or cooked and the higher the temperature used, the more nutrients destroyed. A big problem these days is that we have been seduced by the quick fix of processed and packaged foods that are basically devoid of nutrients. We are eating more than ever, but our cells are starving.When we make food choices based on an understanding of how our bodies utilize live nutrients for energy, we can sustain our energy and consume much less food.

That burn-out will take the form of lack of overall fitness and eventual disease.Quick-Preparation Healthy FoodsMany raw foods can be prepared just as quickly as any microwavable dinner, have less than half the calories, and won’t drain your energy.
Instead of overloading your digestive system and liver, these foods eaten in their raw state or lightly steamed, offer the body antioxidants, or cancer and disease-fighters, that extend life. Leafy green salads, homemade salad dressings, fruits, chopped veggies with healthy dips, and sprouted or steamed grains with olive oil, soy sauce, or low-glycemic Agave syrup can all be excellent alternatives to over-processed cereals, breads, pastas, bagels, crackers, over-cooked meats and frozen dinners.Below is a list of ENERGIZERS--healthy, low-calorie, energy-packed foods that you can eat to feel satisfied and that will enhance your nutrition and physical fitness!
These foods can actually trigger insulin production and make you tired because many are so over-processed that they become high-glycemic and raise your blood sugar when they are consumed, or they are so hard to digest that your system must work overtime. Sustain your energy and look and feel great with the healthiest food choices for your nutrition and physical fitness.

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