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Although the Tahiti lime was reported to be growing in Florida as early as 1883 (Ziegler and Wolfe, 1961), it is not known when Bearss was introduced there.
Sign up to receive special offers and sale information before it goes on the website, so you can buy before we sell out! To date, all Persian lime trees are known to carry wood pocket, which can cause serious deterioration of the trees. Persian lime trees reach a height of about 20 feet, and their rounded, dense branches spread out about 20 feet.

Because of this, the tree should be planted 15 to 20 feet or more away from homes and other buildings, as well as other trees. Once the tree's white flowers have bloomed, fruit will be ready for picking in 90 to 120 days. While its origin isn't certain, Persian lime trees may have first been planted after the fruit was imported from Tahiti to San Francisco. Because of this, the deep green fruit is also sometimes called the Tahiti lime, although the lime may have originated in Persia before traversing the Pacific Ocean.

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