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Cereal SeedsPearl Millet Hybrid SeedsWe are engaged in producing and supplying a broad range of Pearl Millet Hybrid Seeds. We are bracketed with the top most Exporters and Suppliers of Pearl Millet Seeds from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Pearl Millet can be installed with drill, no-till drill, hand seeder or broadcast spreader.
Although the deer population, natural forage available, and amount of crop or grazing land in the area all help determine its size, a food plot should measure about one acre for every 40 acres of habitat. Young seedlings can't compete with established weeds, so an application of RoundUpВ® herbicide (or other glyphosate chemical) might be required. Seed for wildlife food plots is sometimes sold as "no till", "throw & grow," and other wishful descriptions. If your plot has started to thin out, consider frost seeding or overseeding to thicken your perennial crop. We are happy to offer a wide variety of high quality, high germinating seed for your fodder systems.
If you have a question regarding this product the Seedsmen at Deer Creek Seed are here to help.

Our Pearl Millet Hybrid Seeds are finely processed to provide them to customers in their clean and fresh form. Frost seeding is best done in the very early spring when the ground is still frozen at night and becomes very soft during the day. We offer these Pearl Millet Hybrid Seeds to various topmost industries throughout the country.
The obtained seeds have numerous features such as high yielding, good grain size & color, stress tolerance and many more. Seed 2 to 4 pounds per acre of the desired legume on top of the ground, allowing it to settle into the soil naturally. Our Pearl Millet Hybrid Seeds are highly acclaimed among our customers for their natural aroma and long shelf life. Plant the desired seed mix at the recommended rate using a hand seeder, a broadcast seeder mounted on a four-wheeler, a pull-behind seeder or, for larger areas, an agricultural seeder or grain drill.
There must be enough bare soil to allow the seed to reach a favorable location where it can grow.
We can make them available in various packaging sizes so as to meet the variegated seed requirements of the buyers.

To avoid the expense of over-application, you can seed smaller amounts per acre by mixing the seed with a filler such as MilorganiteВ®, cat litter, clean sand, or appropriate granular fertilizer. Next, drag the area with a spike-toothed harrow or similar device to remove any debris, level the seedbed and break up any clumps.
We provide Paddy Seeds in tamper free packaging to keep them safe at the client’s end. If your feet sink into the soil by more than half an inch you'll need to cultipack or roll the soil to firm it before seeding. However, if seeding conditions are not ideal, planting more seed increases your chances of achieving better results.
Skipping this step will result in seed placement deeper than a quarter inch and poor germination.

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