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Loved the idea – tried it this morning using the egg whites instead of the whole egg however they stuck to the pan although i used pam. We have made these a few times, and the last time my husband actually whipped them up in the ol’ kitchenaid mixer…and voila, the texture was a lot more like regular pancakes! I just made these and they turned out horrible, perhaps because I used an over-ripe banana. I made this but put one banana in blender with two eggs a little fat free half and half sons workout protein powder and made pancakes. The first time I made these they weren’t very good, but I just mashed the bananas with a fork and stirred in the egg. If you want to use the yolks, mix them into the banana but whip the whites to soft peaks and fold into the batter at the end, immediately before frying. These banana pancakes are what I make to subdue my cravings and keep a happy calorie conscience.
Now, as healthy as these pancakes are, they are still somewhat low in protein (as are all pancakes).
It would be so easy to whip up one serving too instead of a whole batch of regular pancakes which would undoubtedly be devoured feeling me guilt ridden and stuffed. Even better: Make them into a protein-packed peanut-butter sandwich for breakfast on the go.

To remedy this issue, smear a nice thick layer of peanut or almond butter between two pancakes—problem solved. Add oats, flour, salt, and baking powder to ground oats in mixing bowl and whisk to combine. Spread 6 pancakes with peanut butter (or almond butter) and top with remaining pancakes to make sandwiches.
I make two ingredient pancakes with eggs and bananas and then top them with sliced strawberries and blueberries.
Was so excited to find a use for my leftover egg whites but they were super thin and over blended I think. You could always mix in a tablespoon or two of almond flour to get a more substantial pancake, or top the classic version with Nutella and strawberries too.
So, as a protein pancake addict, I recommend starting with those 2 ingredients, then if you want to add mashed banana, oats, or other healthy additions, get creative! I put coconut oil on a pan big enough for pancakes and set it to between 3 and four (out of 8). Every time my husband and I eat out for breakfast, I try to convince him to order pancakes while I order a healthy egg-white omelet so we can share. These are the pancakes I will serve to my (future, older) kids and know that I’m doing right by them.

Even better, make the pancake sandwiches on Sunday, tuck each sandwich in a plastic bag, and freeze. To whip egg whites, place in a mixing bowl and beat with the whisk attachment of electric mixer until you lift whisk and a peak is formed from the puffy egg whites.
I really don’t like eggs on their own, so this is a great way for me to get all the benefits of eggs into my diet. I used real butter to cook them and sprinkled a little cinnamon and honey on top I just remembered I also put a tbls. All in all it was still rather good, though I preferred the version where you use the whole egg (plus, I like the idea of that added protein).
Picture me, arms crossed, slumped in the booth, dreaming of pancakes with a pout on my face. It’s not fluffy like a regular flour pancake, but it provides a fairly good simulation of a normal pancake. I think the blender is the key to them being good and not tasting like scrambled eggs with banana.

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