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Despite being your standard buffet option, finger buffets are ideal for the majority of social and business events, they are simple but enjoyed by all.
If you are doing your own finger buffet then the choice of food is very much down to personal preference, but remember, if you need a fork to eat it then it shouldn’t be on a finger buffet. Quiche - cheese and onion, ham, tuna and sweet corn, there is a whole range of fillings you can use to make your quiche a buffet favourite. Crisps - very popular, especially with kids, crisps help add a bit of variety to a finger buffet. Pizza - best cut into small slices, pizza is often the first thing to disappear from a finger buffet, everyone loves it.
Making your own finger buffet takes time and a decent amount of space to prepare each item, if you want hastle free party planning using a catering company like ours is a lot less stressful!

If you need any help with party planning or office catering please feel free to give the team a call we are more than happy to help and give you some advice if you need it. Technically by adding salads the buffet would then become a fork buffet depending how you look at things.
Adding extras helps add depth to a party buffet and helps create a wide range of foods for all, you have to take into consideration all age ranges and dietary requirements of your guests. A hot buffet is a great alternative although can become very messy and it can also be difficult to gauge how much of each dish is required. In regards to drinks, this is very dependent on the party venue, if your venue has a bar then refreshments are already taken care of.
If you are to include a dip then put your nuggets on cocktail sticks, this will once more keep the theme of a finger buffet.

In order to add a bit of variety to your party buffet why not add extras such as salads, the could include tossed salads, pasta salads or savoury rice salads. Not as traditional as a cold buffet but still as popular, a hot buffet is very dependent on the type of party you are holding and the guests who have been invited. For this reason it is best to seek the help of a professional caterer or choose this option for a small family house party. Whether it's birthday cake, profiteroles, cream cakes or scones, everyone is partial to a dessert, especially at a party.

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