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Paleoseismology is the study of the timing, location, and size if prehistoric earthquakes.Paleoseismology differs from aspects of earthquake geology in its focuses on the almost instantaneous deformation of landforms and sediments during individual earthquakes.
On of the best examples of such studies is a great paleoseismology trench on the North Tehran fault, the largest and nearest active fault within Iranian capital with more than 10 million populations.
This trench drilling with more than 70 m Length ,nearly four meter width and maximum depth of about 5 meter has started in fall 1382(2003) and now with an extra trench(50 m Long) in western side of major trench, it has logged and its samples have sent to laboratory for dating . The reconstruction of paleoseismics and more exact presentation of those achievement is required to access to laboratory results from dating of trenches samples. The E-W trending normal fault has an average dip of 60В° to the north and is visible for at least 15 km.

We started with georadar (GPR) investigations (200 MHz antenna) to find a suitable trench site and then opened three trenches.
We maintain a list of paleoseismology-related congresses, meetings and symposiums.If you want to suggest an event which is not listed, please use this form. Paleoseismicity.org is a page dedicated to scientists and everyone else interested in paleoseismology, archeoseismology, neotectonics, earthquake archeology, earthquake engineering and related topics.
Jim Lienkamper and Tim Dawson of the USGS get a better view of the trench at Tule Pond in Fremont, CA. Tom Fumal and Jim Lienkamper of the USGS place shims inside the trench at Tule Pond in Fremont, CA.

3: Photo mosaic of trench 1, the fault plane is at the left side of the trench where the slope begins to steepen. Georadar data allowed us to prove that the features which were found in the trenches can be found all along the fault line within the polje. 4: Paleoseismological trench and GPR data, the lower radargram was collected at the trench floor.

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