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Our active tectonics and paleoseismology colleagues Frank Audemard and Alessandro Michetti have been re-elected as Vice-President of INQUA and President of the TERPRO Commission (Terrestrial Processes, Deposits, and History) respectively.
In the meantime we will have the opportunity to meet in future meetings and workshops of our Focus Group on Active Tectonics and Paleoseismology. The final deadline for registration and abstract submission is approaching tomorrow (July, 31st, 2015). There will be great field trips to active faults in the Vienna Basin (currently excavated) and to Austrian caves showing ongoing deformation. We maintain a list of paleoseismology-related congresses, meetings and symposiums.If you want to suggest an event which is not listed, please use this form. Just click the "Unsubscribe" link which you find in every newsletter you get and your email adress will be removed from the subscribers list in seconds. Paleoseismicity.org is a page dedicated to scientists and everyone else interested in paleoseismology, archeoseismology, neotectonics, earthquake archeology, earthquake engineering and related topics.

Anyway, here’s the literature update with studies on paleoseismology and active tectonics.
Many thanks to Koji Okumura for the fantastic organization of the meeting and his successful work within INQUA as the former Vice-President.
Immediately, the apparently strange fault behaviour caused the attention of scientists world wide and a number of papers were published.
Different authors irregularly write about recent papers, field work, problems, conferences or just interesting things that they come across. Today we have: Faulting in the Canyonlands, seismites from the Jurassic, a fake earthquake in Cologne, dynamic triggering, news from the San Jacinto Fault, ground motion variation between repeating earthquakes, metrics to evaluate seismic hazard maps, submarine tectonic geomorphology, the 1897 Great Assam Earthquake, and a collection of papers on geophysical imaging and interpretation of outcrops. Well, not entirely… One small number of unflinching scientists stay at their desks and hold out against the invaders.
This an interesting case for paleoseismologists, too, not only because of the cascading earthquake effects, but also because of the surface rupture distribution, from which we might learn some important lessons for our future work.

Actually, surface ruptures of several metres height were found near the Suusamyr river, but limited to few hundreds of metres in length. The venue offered enough time for discussions and was supported by several pre-В mid and post congress fieldtrips. Some 25 km to the west, another set of surface ruptures appeared, which were only about 1 m in height and less than 3 km long. Two days were fully covered by active tectonics and paleoseismology studies and another one by tsunami related studies.
Their research is based on the analysis of Pleiades stereo satellite imagery, which has proven to be a very useful data source already.

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