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In terms of containers, whilst Tupperware and plastic lunch boxes do the job, my favourites are lunchbots stainless steel bento boxes. The biggest issue we have is the nut free policy my kids love veg sticks and nut butter but cant have it in the lunch box.
So I have been into traditional archery for some time, specifically "English longbows," and as I had made some arrows recently but had nothing to carry them in, I decided to make a loosely historically accurate "arrow bag." Mine is very similar (almost identical) to the ones sold at places like Richard Head and such. I really like this idea, can you post some more pics when you've figured out how to attach the strap. If you happen to have a planet box, try cutting the avocado in half and closing it into the larger round metal container that was included with the box.

Little wonder than, that Paleo ideas for children’s school lunches is one of the top things I’m asked about. If you’re packing meat, you’ll want it to stay cool, so it’s a good idea to pack it with an ice pack in an insulated lunch box. But I changed a couple things and also wanted to present an idea for how this would be actually used by an archer.So to start, this is a very simple design.
I also sometimes cover it tightly in plastic wrap, even though I know that isn’t ideal. I took last night’s leftover chocolate dessert crepes, and make protein-packed crepes for their Planet Boxes today.

Glass containers aren’t ideal for school – and brown bags aren’t so good for non-dry foods!

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