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For the sake of novice bowmakers here let's run past a few short-bow points:Yes, it's harder to tiller long-draw short bows, and tiller is more likely to wander over time.
But according to my experiences and according to historical facts, long bows are not simply the best answer to all archery needs.The point is not really which weapon is the most accurate or sends the arrow the fastest. 000 Short bows are not just said to be slower and less accurate, they are slower and less accurate.

Apart from that, if made properly wider there is no more stress on the limbs, so they last as long as if drawn shorter.Short bows are appealing, visually and otherwise. Anyway, yes, if limbs are thinned and widened appropriately short bows can have enormous long draws with no greater chance of breaking.
But such bows are in a bit more danger for another reason: thin limbs are much harder to tiller accurately because a thin shaving is a much higher percentage of limb thickness, so the bow can jump out of tiller during normal wood removal.

We both had about 50 pound bows, his was a long yew selfbow, I had a 47" B-shaped hickory sinewed bow.

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