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Some years ago, Garry also got into Paleoanthropology – the study of humans from the Paleolithic era. The Paleolithic era started around 2 million years ago, and it ended some 10,000 years ago. What’s interesting, is that Paleolithic man was by far the strongest, healthiest, and most robust form of human in all of human history. Garry’s new style of training, called Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training (Paleolithic HIIT), has one goal: to bring the male body back to a state of masculinity, by blasting away man boobs, reducing body fat, and increasing muscle mass.
Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only form of HIIT training that focuses on physique enhancement, while using performance enhancement to boost your physique results. Due to unique Paleolithic techniques, Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only program that is designed to work for anyone and everyone – in the same way it worked for every Paleolithic man who ever lived.
The main thing that makes Paleolithic HIIT better for you and me than regular HIIT or Olympic training, is that Paleolithic HIIT is tailored specifically to enhance your physique – to get rid of man boobs, get rid of unwanted body fat, and grow some manly muscle.
When I discovered Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT program, all I needed to do was to train for a few minutes a day, just 3 days a week, and my chest started to flatten out like I’ve never seen before!
I was completely shocked by this, because with Paleolithic HIIT, my man boobs shrunk more in just a few weeks, than they had done for almost two decades of trying everything else.

When I met Garry, he was only using his Paleolithic HIIT training with his one-on-one clients. On page 105, Garry explains why even the best, most determined trainee doing HIIT, has only a 25% chance of success. On pages 123-145, Garry exposes the 10 most powerful Paleolithic HIIT exercises for losing man boobs. On pages 59-62, Garry tells you not only how each session of Paleolithic HIIT can give you a post-exercise testosterone boost, but also how it will condition your body to make it better at releasing testosterone.
Funny enough, the Paleolithic era can teach us more about natural male breast reduction, than any other era in human history. He then combined the way our Paleolithic ancestors moved, with the way today’s top Olympic athletes train, and came up with a whole new concept in training.
Where every single HIIT protocol out there just gives you the same old protocol to follow day in, day out, Paleolithic HIIT is a whole system, and the only system that incorporates Paleolithic-style variation from day to day, week to week and month to month. Even if we could keep up with these HIIT protocols, our bodies would go into a state of overtraining, and we wouldn’t see the physique changes we wanted. He has taken all of the Paleolithic HIIT principles that he taught me, and put it together in a quick guide that anyone can use to get rid of their man boobs.

Well Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT actually trains your body to become more responsive to exercise over time.
Unless you apply this particular Paleolithic HIIT-style training tweak, your body will simply readjust its fat storage patterns and store more fat in your chest. When Garry got me on his Paleolithic HIIT protocol, all I had to do was a few minutes of exercise just 3 days per week. Fossilized remains suggest that we are genetically, 99.998% identical to our Paleolithic ancestor.
The better you get at Paleolithic HIIT, the less you have to exercise to keep seeing results. Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only form of training that focuses on losing man boobs and transforming your physique through Glycolytic Training.

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