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Well it's conventionally believed that when the ice sheets melted 10,000 years ago the Paleolithic people living in deeply forested southern Europe spread north following the herds on to the new wide open plains created by the retreating ice. Again we can look at the Germanic barbarian invasions of Spain, France, England and Scotland and see the locals don't seem to have the same DNA as the Germans and hypophesize they probably only came over in small numbers and formed a ruling elite. Just musing on this problem, when the hunter gatherer groups re-colonised Europe many would have settled in the low lying area that is now under the North Sea.

People then didn't stay in one place for millenia, they moved around Europe and DNA doesn't show this. If a person with I DNA moved from London to Stockholm 100 years ago, his descendants would have I DNA.
If a Bronze Age Indo-European people from the East had invaded Europe in 1000bc and replaced the population, Europe would not have paleolithic or neolithic DNA we would have DNA akin to what exists in Afghanistan today.

There is an abundance of I DNA in Sweden, so if his great grandchildren ignorant of their great grandfather's migration had a DNA test and found themsleves I they would most likely think to themselves we are descended from the ancients Swedes.

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