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Man's earliest ancestors sought protection from the elements and predators in natural shelters such as caves and rock overhangs.
A Paleolithic hut divided in three sections and made of animal skins was found at Pushkari, Ukraine.
Circular base of mammoth bones found at Mezin, near Tchernogov, that provided a supporting structure for a Paleolithic hut of a typical mammoth hunting society. Here is a mammoth hunter hut from Siberia reconstructed at a stone age site in Perigord, France.

Ultimately they began creating entirely new habitats in locations that had no natural shelter.
Many of the bones found here had evidence of red paint, a common find at Paleolithic sites. The construction of such habitats may have been influenced by the cold weather of the ice ages cycles shown in the white areas of the diagram below. The use of mammoth bones, jaws, and skulls to build structures was common among the mammoth-hunting cultures of the Upper paleolithic.

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