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We have mixed feelings about the paleo dietВ for several reasons, one of them being that the diet is so dang heavy in meat.
You’re coming across as rude and you make a lot of assumptions about people who eat Paleo.
Serve a heaping bowl of this zucchini pasta to your family for the ultimate Italian paleo vegan meal!

It appears this author is not familiar with what the paleo diet is…too bad, I was willing to give it a try, regardless of how offensive the article was written.
So, even though most people agree that it’s nearly impossible to be vegetarian and paleo at the same time, we urge you to give Meatless Monday a try. And sometimes my friend Britt and I sit down to a raw vegan meal, working our way around the menu to find all the paleo eats.

It may not be sustainable to eat like this every day, but there are recipes that we think will hold you over ’till Tuesday, when you can get back to your diet of pork chops and steak.

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