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Serve a heaping bowl of this zucchini pasta to your family for the ultimate Italian paleo vegan meal! I made this last night to have for lunches during the week, and I can attest to its yumminess! Earlier this month, we invited you to join us for lunch using the hashtag #aldeskowitheMeals. Don’t forget to share your workplace lunch gatherings using the hashtag #aldeskowitheMeals! I get the Paleo dinner and Low Carb dinner plans, and love them It would be great to have a related lunch plan.

You can add the Paleo lunch plan by signing in to the Members Area, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on the link to add a lunch plan.
We have cut waaaay down on meat this last year or so and this is exactly the kind of dinner I love.Thanks so much for sharing your recipe and beautiful photos!Cheers! I’m working on reformatting my posts, so not all of the recipes have thumbnail images in the index, but this one does. I followed your recipe to a tee except that I used a can of corn and 2 jalapeno peppers instead of 1 poblano.
Click here to read.) To recap, the eMeals Customer Experience team meets for lunch, often choosing recipes from our Healthy Lunch and Paleo Lunch meal plans.

And sometimes my friend Britt and I sit down to a raw vegan meal, working our way around the menu to find all the paleo eats. So, we thought we’d invite you allВ to hop on board and organizeВ an once-a-month lunch club at your workplaces too!

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