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I found other recipes for gluten-free brownies, paleo brownies and even vegan brownies, but there weren’t recipes that fit my specific requirements to be grain-free, egg-free and to actually taste awesome! These fudgy brownies are made with coconut flour and tapioca flour and sweetened with honey and the ingredient that helps hold it all together – sweet potato. I will have to make these to try and then make for gifts for my vegan and egg & grain free friends.
I just went Paleo, and giving up my Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies and Betty Crocker brownies has been tough, so when I stumbled upon this relatively easy recipe I thought I’d give it a shot!
If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without hurting your health, then Paleo Vegan Sweets & Treats is for you! Paleo Vegan Sweets & Treats is the perfect book for anyone who can’t eat grains, dairy or eggs, but still wants to enjoy the occasional treat! Paleo Vegan Sweets & Treats is an ebook, which means that you can download it to your computer or tablet instantly! When you purchaseВ Paleo Vegan Sweets & Treats, you will receive a PDF download that is accessible on any computer or tablet device.

This raw version is made up of a chewy, sweet, and slightly tangy bottom layer topped with a rich and creamy layer of lemon-y goodness…the sweetness offsets the lemon enough to keep you from puckering, while still maintaining the citrus flavor that makes these bars so fresh and clean. My husband and I often fight over these, so they tend to get hidden stored in the vegetable drawer where certain bridegrooms don’t ever venture.
The closest recipe that fit the bill was Tessa the Domestic Diva’s paleo egg-free brownies, but they took some tweaking to make them fudgy, but a little more cakey, and thus become the best brownie recipe ever. The lovely thing about these brownies is that you can’t taste the sweet potato in it.
While she herself eats a diet of real food (aka a paleo diet), some people may find that they can flourish on a vegetarian diet instead.
This past year I have found out I have many food allergies, so I have gone paleo, but can also not have eggs. For recipes, updates and articles plus my FREE Paleo Meal Plans subscribe to my newsletter!
These chocolate tuffles (paleo & vegan) are the perfect thing to wrap up in a nice tin and give out to friends and family!

Scrape the sweet potato away from the skin and mash with a fork, and set aside 1 cup of mashed sweet potato. In a double boiler (or a metal mixing bowl resting in a pot of water), melt the unsweetened baking chocolate, coconut milk and coconut oil over medium heat. Once the chocolate has melted into a uniform mixture, remove from heat. To the mixing bowl, add the honey or maple syrup, mashed sweet potato, vanilla, salt and baking soda.
What makes this ebook different is that all the recipes are paleo AND vegan, meaning that they are all free of grains, dairy and eggs. Everyday on my facebook page I hear from vegans, people with allergies, or paleo people who are sensitive to eggs who can’t find many recipes that fit with their lifestyle.

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