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The general essence of the paleo diet is that our bodies haven’t changed super much from back in the old days when all we ate were meat, vegetables, nuts, and other non-processed foods. The Vegan diet В is a type of vegetarian diet that not only excludes meat, but also any other animal-related foods (and some times not just foods).
Not every paleo person only eats meat, and not every vegan person only eat processed foods. I seriously considered going vegan, but my PCOS was hard to manage with the carbs, and my hypothyroidism doesn’t tolerate the beans and soy that provide protein on a vegan diet.

That eating outside of the Paleo realm is sub-optimal to your health, you can’t expect optimal health results if someone is choosing to not include any animal products in their diet. I usually suggest gently integrating meat back in to one’s routine depending on their reasons behind being a veg. Now thinking about it, if you’re vegetarian I think a lot of is is WHY you are, and then from there you work with what you have. When you think about it logically it makes sense that when you’re adding foods into your diet that they should be high quality, so when starting to add animal products back in going grass fed, pastured, etc.

Most paleo dieters (including me) love the diet for cutting out the processed foods and eating real whole foods. So, at the end of the day, I think what is most important is that we are all trying to better ourselves with our diets, and that we come up with more awesome recipes that are paleo, vegan, or both (I have these!) to help each other eat better!

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