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Not only are these chocolate chip pumpkin cookies soft and tender they are free of gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, soy, and nuts. Instead these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are made with coconut flour and coconut butter making them soft and delicious.
Stuff them with our pumpkin peanut butter filling to make a killer cookie sandwich or make yourself a pumpkin spice latte toВ enjoy with these soft chewy chocolate chip cookies. They also happen to be incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious–> the kind of cookie that you can whip together the moment a cookie-craving strikes, without suffering from a crazy sugar-crash later!
So excited to try these – I was searching the web for paleo cookies and yours looks the easiest and so good! It adds a subtle coconut taste to your cooking which you can take benefit of in certain styles of cooking such as South Asian recipes.

When using the meat of young thai coconuts, it can lend aВ fudge-yВ texture to smoothies and mousse-like concoctions (such as in my recipe for raw vegan chocolate mousse & my recipe for mango custard). Seriously, I’ve been dying to try coconut flour cookies but all of them have like 8 eggs added to them, which is a no-go for me. And I know many of you do too, so here is a delicious treaty coconut cookie recipe for you, my dear Health Food Lovers! This means it can be used in higher temp cooking without the high risk of oxidizing as PUFAs have. My dad is the chocolate chip cookie lover so I make them for him all the time and he told me these were the best he’s ever had!!
I happen to like making small cookies, but if your cookies end up being bigger, that is perfectly fine!

However with any kind of fat, cooking it at very high temperatures is best avoided and more gentler methods of cooking such as steaming and slow cooking are favourable on our digestion as well as the health of the fats in our foods and the fats we add to our foods. My husband, who was quite skeptical (and wondered why I was ruining good chocolate chip cookies, went back for seconds and thirds!

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    Protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese loaded with protein.