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My family and friends laugh at me because wherever I go these days I am never without snacks for all, paleo of course!
Personally speaking, I have found that having a good assortment of healthy snacks in the pantry makes my paleo lifestyle that much easier.
I thought I would share these with you in the hope it will make your paleo life easier and a happier one too!
Often used in Paleo baking, cacao nibs provide that chocolatey taste those with a sweet tooth crave. At the end of the day, the decision we made for Paleo Treats was to elevate the vision of Paleo desserts to the next level.

Folks, it's been a long time coming, but we're in the home stretch of bringing out a new paleo dessert!
Please remember to eat all these in moderation if you are seeking weightloss from your paleo lifestyle. There are many Paleo bloggers and chefs who create some wonderful dishes and very creatively. Some of the easiest to make Paleo desserts only need a few ingredients, such as fruit and cinnamon. Your chance to meet The Fitness Explorer (Darryl Edwards) and Eat Drink Paleo 's recipe developer (Irena Macri)!

No chocolate isn't paleo, but I think many people would include dark choc as part of their paleo diet.

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