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When he's not locked down in the cave living on Paleo Treats and scribbling out the next great epic Kurt Johnstad is busy living an actual awesome and real life.
At the end of the day, the decision we made for Paleo Treats was to elevate the vision of Paleo desserts to the next level.
Navy SEAL motivational speaker and author Dave Rutherford from Team FrogLogic fires up the Paleo Treats podcast with his own special brand of energy, get ready! It still came out with Paleo more expensive by about a dollar, but I figured that's about right and it was just an interesting graphic. At the end of the day, Paleo is way more than a diet, and the people who we like interacting with the most about it have done their homework, have implemented changes based on their research, and are for the most part, happier and healthier for having gone Paleo. What we've found on this 4 year journey in the Paleo world is that we get to meet a LOT of really cool and interesting people, and rather than hoarding all those encounters tight to us and not sharing 'em, we'd start up the podcast as a way to share these conversations with you!

While the focus has been on providing high quality paleo desserts to folks who follow the Paleo diet, we've always thought of this company as promoting more than just desserts, we're really about promoting values. I thought about it for a while, really trying to answer what it is that's so captivating about making cookies (and the rest of our paleo desserts), and after a couple of months of solitudinal thinking, I came up with the simplest thing possible: Excellence.
The Bandito is the luxury Paleo answer to a chocolate peanut butter cup, WITHOUT the peanut butter! Although we make 'em for dessert, lots of people use them as snacks (or bribes), and we're stoked to be providing these delectable paleo morsels to anyone who is looking for a clean eating treat. Jeff & Jo cover old school training (running up hill with big iron pipes in each hand), mentally preparing for huge races, and the best way they've found to use the Paleo diet to boost performance. Ray is not just a long haul trucker who eats Paleo, he also (in his spare time) tears phone books in half, rolls up frying pans, and hammers nails through boards without a hammer.

It is the strictest certification in the Paleo world and only awarded to the very few products that meet its extraordinarily high standards. It's not what they do (I mean, they're paleo cookies, not people), it's what they *would* do if they had arms and legs and a head the rest of it.

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