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To continue my theme of trying to introduce some different mince meals in my life I found a stew with sweet potato included.  It’s fairly basic but at the same time the flavours are fantastic. This entry was posted in Diet, Recipes and tagged Cookery, Meat, Paleo diet on 7 May, 2013 by Ammi. Made this today with butternut squash instead of the sweet potatoes (since that is what I had in the pantry) and it turned out great!
Wash chicken and cut into chunk size pieces and place into the pot of a slow cooker uncooked. On top of chicken add diced onion, cubed carrots, cubed sweet potato, garlic, chicken broth, tomato, paste, balsamic vinegar, mustard, and bay leaves. If you don’t like your chicken chunky you can shred the chicken at the end of cooking by using a fork or the back of a spoon. Hi there, I’m new to paleo but my husband is not on board and so i am trying to find some new recipes to make cooking after work easier!
Your paleo chili with sweet potato, zucchini, and carrots are on our regular dinner rotation. Hi I'm Heather, the voice and girl behind Multiply Delicious, a blog where I share my passion for cooking and baking Paleo. An easy, flavorful slow-cooker recipe is always a keeper, and this Asian-inspired Paleo recipe is just that.
Celebrate Easter with this easy, family-friendly slow-cooker pork roast recipe.В Slow cooking the meat ensures a tender result every time with minimal work.

September 24, 201473 CommentsIndulge yourself in a bowl of spicy chili that is full of beef and sweet potatoes.
Since we are trying the best we can to eat a paleo diet at meal times, my favorite, most-loved chili recipe was off-limits. When I took the first bite of this chili after it had simmered in my slow cooker all day, I was so pleasantly surprised. We love chili and I’ve never had it with sweet potatoes, but hubby loves those so will definitely have to try this! My cardio just told me that my heart condition means I have to change to much healthier eating; he recommends Paleo, and since I like chili a LOT, this looks like a recipe worth making. I plan to cook it in crock pot so wonder if I need to cook meat with other veggies first then add them into crockpot with other ingredient! Will be making this :-) I made your sweet potato brownies the other night too and am about to polish off the last one.! Our family of five scarfed it and so did my daughters best friend who was turning a nose up to sweet potatoes lol.
Whether at work, holiday shopping or carpooling to the next event, with the eMeals Slow Cooker meal plans the cooking happens while you’re away. And while we cherish this time with our loved ones, cooking for a crowd (especially with Thanksgiving in the mix) can be tiring. It’s thick, rich and slightly sweet while being grain free, sugar free and dairy free.

And it can easily be made in the slow cooker, making it easy for you to throw together in the morning and have it calling your name when you get home at night. I’m planning to cook up a big batch and freeze it for easy weeknight meals in the future. I’m planning to cook up another big batch and freeze for a few quick weeknight meals.
I have a SERIOUS addiction to plantains and already know, based on cooking dozens of Juli’s recipes, that these are gonna be epic! You see, those wonderful little sweet potatoes baked right into this chili and gave it the perfect amount of sweetness.
Basically you can cook it on the stove (simmering 30 minutes til veggies are soft) or let it cook in the slow cooker. Learning how to cook without sugar, grains and dairy hasn’t been easy, so when I have a victory like this, it makes my week!

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