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My mom mentioned to me she made a “Ham and Potato Soup” and had substituted sweet potatoes for the potatoes and had really liked it!
We grew up having a sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving and Christmas with pineapple, streusel and marshmallows. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl along with the roast sweet potatoes and let everything cool for 10 minutes or so.
Add the beaten eggs, sweet potatoes, broth, pecans, raisins and sageВ to the veggie mixture and combine well. This sweet potato recipe looks perfect for an amazing Thanksgiving meal that everyone can enjoy!

I created this recipe last year – it is super easy and tasty…we made it last night and folks devoured it!
I was going to do a Chestnut and Sausage stuffing, but the sweet potato one you posted looks awesome… might be time for a change of plans! My name is Amber Karnes and I hail from Norfolk, Virginia, where you can find me on my computer designing and building websites (like this here website you’re reading right now) or in my kitchen cooking simple, fresh, Paleo meals (and trying to coerce my husband into trying new foods).
Yams and sweet potatoes are another traditional thanksgiving food (although in my youth they were always smothered with corn syrup and toasted marshmallows), and one that can be made into a delicious Paleo-friendly dish. Sarah from Everyday Paleo has a great recipe plus a demo video on her version of pumpkin pie.

Each week, I hope to convey my enthusiasm about the challenge of keeping things exciting in all our Paleo kitchens across the world. Bake (or microwave) sweet potatoes, peel and mash them, mix with coconut oil or grass-fed butter, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a touch of maple syrup and you have one delicious side dish (or main dish, if you’re visiting my plate). Original recipes, roundups of great links to Paleo foodstuffs around the Web, kitchen tips and techniques, crazy food-making adventures in my own kitchen and more.

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