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Let’s start things off with a very classic recipe that hasn’t added anything unnecessary to the mix, and is going to produce sweet potato pancakes that you’d swear are the real deal.
The wonderful thing about cooking Paleo meals is that the ingredients are all natural, and they don’t try to overcomplicate things. These sweet potato pancakes are pretty standard, but the reason they’re so tempting is because of how they’re topped. They’re doing their best here to doctor up these sweet potato pancakes and make them your favorite. When making your sweet potato pancakes, you may be tempted to start adding new ingredients to it, but are unsure what will taste good. They are taking the liberty of doctoring up this recipe so that it is both in the style of traditional sweet potato pancakes, but with more going on. First time since going Paleo that I didn’t miss the oatmeal that I had eaten every day for the last twenty years! Hi I'm Heather, the voice and girl behind Multiply Delicious, a blog where I share my passion for cooking and baking Paleo.
But Paleo chefs have found several different ways to get around that minor roadblock, and they’re more than happy to share their recipes with you. They’re using both zucchini and sweet potatoes, so you’re getting a good portion of your vegetables for the day, and you’ll find plenty of other good-for-you items on the ingredients list, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an onion, eggs, and almond flour.

For example, this recipe uses sweet potatoes as one of the three ingredients of course, and eggs and bananas round it out. On Paleo you pretty much have license to eat most any meat, as long as it makes sense that it would have been around back in the Stone Age. They’ve topped them off with cinnamon apples so you’re getting the hearty taste of sweet potatoes baked right into the pancakes, and then the sweet and cinnamony apples on top so your taste buds get a real treat.
Sweet potatoes don’t mix well with every food out there, but in this case they go quite nicely with bananas.
I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. When you add sweet potatoes to the mix you’re getting a host of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to give a boost to your morning, or whenever you enjoy these. Almond flour is a flour that is used regularly in Paleo cooking because it helps give the desired texture without having to subject yourself to wheat-based flour. In this case he’s using chicken bacon to top these pancakes off, so you’re getting the savoriness from the bacon, contrasted by the sweet potatoes and on top of all that he’s using real maple syrup, which will be packing some serious sweetness.
So in addition to the nutrition you get from the sweet potatoes, you’ll also be getting potassium and extra fiber from the bananas.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.

I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier. When you eat pancakes on Paleo you can top them off with real maple syrup, just be sure it’s pure and organic. These are two important things your body needs, and the Paleo diet is all about meeting your nutritional needs naturally from the foods you eat, which is why vegetables factor so heavily, and fruit comes in as the third most food you should be eating.
To top them off further they’ve added honey to the top, which also adds further nutrients, in addition to the natural sweetness of honey.
Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. I added a touch of honey to make them a bit more sweet, but have to say these made my night!

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