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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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In this interview, Kat shares how she did it, what keeps her going, and how everyone can make Paleo work in their lives. So, to start Paleo I lowered my intake slowly for about 2 weeks and then set a goal for Jan 1 and that was when Paleo really began. After trying diets I found online or listening to what my friends said, I finally realized I needed a lifestyle change and that’s when I knew that Paleo would really change the way I feel and was something I could stick with. I never feel guilty, I’m always curious to find new recipes and love to spread the Paleo word.

Not only has she embraced a Paleo diet and lifestyle while going to college, she is also inspiring those around her to re-think temporary diets, and focus on long-term changes. I have also never had a flat stomach, but since I have been Paleo I haven’t carried the weight in my stomach and love handles like I had before.
I fall in the Success Story: Paleo Changed My Life Forever - The Paleo the Primal Diet.
Realize that eating paleo doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy everything organic and grass fed.

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