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Blueberry Muffin Recipe2013-08-28 21:28:15 Yields 10 These are better than Starbucks Muffins!
Eliminating certain unhealthy ingredients from this drink does not affect the flavor or texture at all!To me replicating the flavor of the original Starbucks Mocha FrappuccinoВ® was a must and I think I did pretty good with this recipe.
Also, I work at Starbuck’s and used to eat the muffins ALL the time, but these are actually better!!

These muffins are delicious though, and have kept me on the paleo path…because sometimes we all don’t have time to make bacon and eggs before running off to work!
So here’s my wholefoods version of these babies — Starbucks copycat gluten-free, vegan, and paleo pumpkin scones that you can now stop staring at and actually enjoy too!

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