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Corn is a Paleo no-no, so replace the movie favorite with a more nutritious cauliflower version that has a similar buttery taste and satisfying crunch.
Eggplants are Paleo-friendly for most, but store-bought baba ghanoush can still contain loads of hidden mayo — and that can mean a lot of unwanted vegetable oils. Roast asparagus, then wrap in a preservative-free prosciutto for a snack that will also impress as an appetizer.
Let’s face it: A lot of the best-tasting trail mixes aren’t the best for Paleo peeps, since sugar-coated dried fruit, milk chocolate morsels, and peanuts often take center stage. We’ve got tons of awesome sweet potato recipes, but this is the first entry on anyone’s list.
For Paleo eaters who avoid dairy, this recipe uses an ingredient that's probably already in the cupboard.
There are endless ways to serve chicken, but this recipe gets a special nod for proving wings don’t need to be breaded and deep fried to taste great.
Paleo enthusiasts have revamped the art of making meatballs, and this recipe goes above and beyond by cramming in extra veggies. Bake preservative-free prosciutto for a thin, crunchy, mouth-watering snack — though we recommend a thicker cut if dipping is involved, since these come out pretty fragile. This is a great recipe that doesn’t require the use of a dehydrator — or even a prime cut of beef.
Here’s a kebab combo that’s great to prep ahead of time (and trust us, they keep well enough in the fridge for a next-day snack). Hand-tear kale into bite-sized pieces, coat in olive or coconut oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and bake until the edges are crunchy and brown: It’s the recipe that brought kale back into foodies’ good graces!
While this recipe is probably easiest around Halloween, roasted pumpkin seeds keep great in bags for a truly mobile snack. King oyster mushrooms are recommended for this simple recipe, though we’re definitely up for experimenting with different varieties.

Bananas aren’t always the Paleo eater’s best friend, especially for those dialing back the carbs. In case wrapping dates in bacon wasn’t enough, this recipe forgoes the savory in place of sweet coconut butter as a filling. Another take on the no-bake energy bar model, this recipe adds apricot and coconut for extra sweetness.
Oh, and if you have a favorite Paleo snack idea include it in the comments below.  Happy snacking everyone! Hi I'm Heather, the voice and girl behind Multiply Delicious, a blog where I share my passion for cooking and baking Paleo. If you’re on the hunt for some tasty Paleo snack recipes, I’ve got eight great ones for ya!
So we've rounded up our favorite Paleo-friendly, healthy snack recipes to satisfy any palate when hunger strikes.
Michelle Tam, founder of Nom Nom Paleo, has some sage advice here: Slap a tablespoon (or two) of guacamole between strips of crispy bacon for a mini-sandwich combo every Paleo enthusiast can love. This recipe swaps cauliflower for chickpeas for a substitute that will fool all but the most astute hummus connoisseurs. Go for a simple, mayo-free recipe with lots of garlic for a fresher take that won’t weigh you down. Pick a favorite in-season melon (cantaloupe and honeydew work well) and wrap with preservative-free prosciutto for a juicy snack with a salty kick that’s tops for finger food. Try this version — basically mini omelettes baked in a muffin tin — for an infinitely customizable snack. The texture of the artichokes is the perfect addition to make this a well-rounded snack instead of just a spaghetti topper.
These coconut-crusted nuggets also come with a recipe for Paleo barbecue sauce for a condiment we won’t have to write off as a cheat meal.

Pork chops and applesauce are a tried and true pairing, but this recipe slides chunks of apple, pork, and red onion onto the same stick for a more portable feast. Make some Paleo bars on the cheap by blending dried fruit (like raisins), nuts, and pitted dates. Blueberry-Apple Pie Trail Mix BallsThis recipe calls for store-bought PaleoKrunch Apple Cereal for added texture and apple flavor, but slivered almonds and dehydrated apple chunks would work, too. But we applaud the creator for coming up with a Paleo workaround for the fudgy chocolate texture. If you’re new to the Paleo Diet, according to The Paleo Diet website, the Paleo way of eating is based primarily on foods that mimic the foods our ancestors consumed to optimize your health and help you lose weight. Paleo eaters may shun grains, processed vegetable oils, and refined sugars, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying plenty of delicious dishes — and creating some downright ingenious recipe substitutions.
Fill with your favorite veggies and meats, top with cheese (or go without), and enjoy for breakfast or whenever a snack craving hits. We like this recipe because it’s based off a flavor combo — Teriyaki and beef — we’ve all come to know and love. Combine all ingredients, form into balls, and chill for a no-bake snack great for both hikes and morning commutes. Use dark, soy-free chocolate to complement the bacon’s natural smoky flavor (and to keep things Paleo-friendly, of course). Whether you’re a longtime primal eating fanatic or just curious about what it’s like to go back to dietary basics, we’ve got 51 delicious Paleo-approved snacks for whenever hunger strikes. Whether you’re a Paleo vet or a newbie, check out these awesome Paleo snack recipes and give ‘em a try!

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