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If the idea of switching to a completely paleo lifestyle sounds too scary or expensive, try switching to 80% instead (heck, even 50% is better than 0%).
Oftentimes, paleo foods can be expensive but, more often than not, there are much, much cheaper alternatives that still are very much paleo. If you want to make paleo a priority, you might want to consider changing your spending habits to reflect that. No matter how many options we give them, a lot of people will complain that paleo is simply way too expensive. Paleo can change your health and your life but you have to engage with it in order to make that happen.

Luckily the day after that endeavor (today) I decided instead of giving in and going back to what I had been doing, it occurred to me that I hadn’t adequately sought out information as to how to make Paleo cheaper.
While I do agree with some of the family units expressing comments above about finding some of these tips less helpful, I was feeling kind of freed that I can choose to feed my brood with the paleo approved meal items without everything being as organic, local and grass-fed as possible! But a common side effect of eating paleo is that you find you eat less food in total, simply because you’re eating whole food all of the time, and whole food is more nutrient-dense and satiating. When he's not eating 80% paleo, he's challenging himself to do the impossible and build other Impossible Ventures. They are more like $6 if they are from happy chickens and at least $4 if you want the pale yellow unhappy chicken eggs (which I can’t bring myself to buy anymore).

I was simply looking for healthy recipes online when I came across Paleo and subsequently invested the next 6-7 hours straight of my day reading up on it – everything I could get my hands on. Furthermore, there are books on the subject of cheap Paleo by knowledgeable individuals such as Robb Wolf who was a research assistant to Prof. Thank you for your blog and other media by you and the other leaders of the paleo family…THANK YOU!!!

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