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Katherine invented Green Thickies, A complete meal green smoothie that dramatically improves your health and fills you up.
This smoothie sounds delicious, but for me the calories equal more than I usually eat for a meal and a snack combined.
If you have time, I’d love for you to share your recipe at my Motivation Monday linky. A safe place where Tony Horton, Stephen Covey, and Will Ferrell can do squats and share a cup of Coconut Milk. So if that is out the window, then it will be best to look at a meal replacement product like shakes and bars.
Now all that aside, for those that want options, there are a few meal replacements and protein products I recommend. Beachbody has a meal replacement shake along with a whey protein powder if you are focusing on more bulk.

Yes, the calories are high, though I find if I eat a filling meal especially for breakfast, I don’t need a snack in the morning. I will say of all of the options here, meal replacement and whey protein are my least favorite. Meal replacements should merely be there to fill in the gaps to build mass, not to make up the majority of your nutrition plan.
Vitamin D does a great job of keeping your immune system in tip-top shape to prevent the flu and cold. Also you can get creatine in a tablet form without all of the sugar that tends to come in your shakes and bars. Sugary shakes or liquids move quickly through your digestive track and have a tendency to spike your insulin levels, which helps to promote fat gain among a bunch of other terrible things.
If you don’t have time to prepare 3-6 meals the night before, one option is intermittent fasting.

If you are looking to put on some mass, this bad boy may be the ticket for you, even as much as protein and more than meal replacements.
If you are struggling to know what to eat for every meal for weight loss and are in need of a detox you should have a look at my 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Improved Health. Here is a break down of the nutrition in this natural protein shake: The 25 grams of protein in this smoothie is based on all the recommended ingredients including the spinach.

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