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While the Stone Age is way behind us, eating like a Caveman has become the next It way to eat for devotees of the Paleo Diet—a regimen inspired by hunter-gatherers of yore. With these hopeful words in mind, we rounded up the world’s most surprising Paleo-friendly restaurants—including some of Cordain’s favorites. SAN DIEGONot So Fast!The menu at this Paleo food truck—the first in San Diego—draws on locally sourced products to makes its five-star worthy lettuce wraps, grilled veggies, and Paleo desserts like the Brownie Bomb and Mac Attack.
CHICAGO The Publican 837 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607 This Fulton Market sensation lays out its menu by meat, fish, and vegetable (specifically pork, oysters, and seasonal items), which is great for Paleo mix-and-matching. BERLINSauvage Paleo RestaurantPflГјgerstrasse, 25 12047 Berlin, GermanyThis snug, candle-lit resto follows Paleo standards to the letter. Do not stop at the first fast food restaurant at the exit of the expressway but instead drive in to town and stop at a supermarket.

As you can see it is not going to be that hard to eat out and travel while on a Palio Diet.
Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet, for her tips on how to stick to the plan when you’re at a restaurant. Paleo eaters will delight in dishes that marry grass-fed beefs and just-picked veggies from the garden, as well as the variety of oysters on offer.
For bolder Paleo palettes, the bistro also offers gems like beef tongue and beef heart cru. My wife and I have a passion for cooking and eat healthy.The primary purpose of this site is to share our knowledge about the Paleo Diet with you. John Bar and Restaurant 26 St John Street London, UK The rustic meat-on-vegetable dishes at this slick Michelin star eatery are robust.

And with organic, healthy, and gluten-free markets booming everywhere, cooking Paleo at home isn’t a challenge. But, if these indiscretions happens too often, then you are going to lose the health benefits and the weight loss you have gained following the Palio Diet.

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