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Paleo Desserts and Baked Goods Recipes – Recipes includeВ Uncivilized Sticky Bun Bars.В Red Dawn Velvet Cupcakes and so much more! Soooo, let me just tell you that I’m not even remotely interested in trying paleo UNTIL I come to your blog. When your crust is cool, top it off with your pumpkin puree filling and smooth evenly through. This pumpkin bars recipeВ is made with pumpkin puree and almond flour, and also includes the recipe for making that yummy lookin’ vanilla frosting on top!

I cook your recipies off of my iPad and would love to have your cookbook in electronic form! I made my mother in law a few of your sweets this weekend because she wants to try paleo and she proceeded to put butter and sugar on all of them.. Making paleo treats instantly turns me into Goddess of Food Magic with my family, so this recipe will definitely increase my stock value ’round here. I’m dying to try some of these recipes that use cococut cream concentrate but I can’t figure out how to use the stuff!

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