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After my awesomely gluttonous Inauguration weekend, I knew I had to get back on track with my January paleo program. I'd been researching paleo meals that I could buy pre-made so that my success wasn't totally reliant on my making my own meals. The final two dishes were a pounded flat Italian chicken and vegetables and Mediterranean chicken roulade, which truth be told aren't my favorites any day of the week and weren't my favorites in My Power Supply pack either. The bottom line: Yes, it's pricey, but it's no pricier than eating out at restaurants and it definitely was more strictly paleo.
Hey Team, just a reminder that if you are interested in ordering one, two, or seven Paleo Power Meals — your orders are due in by tonight!

Let's face it - I'm a busy gal and I'm just not going to be staying in every meal and cooking. It was a one time trial and any My Power Supply purchases moving forward will be on my own dime. Much like doing the whole paleo thing as a whole, if you make the effort, you'll see the benefits. I'd be hovering over the "buy" button for their meals before, but there wasn't a super convenient pick up location near my house. But, My Power Supply kept me on track and I plan to pick items that I'm pretty sure I'll like and continue ordering from them for a couple meals a week.

I keep telling myself that I need to learn more about paleo---it is on my list of things to consider.

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  2. Renka:
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