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These plantain chips are my paleo answer to an overwhelming desire to enjoy chips and guacamole!
I actually discovered plantain chips in my local health food store during the early stages of dealing with the corn allergy, long before I even know what paleo was.
Plantains aren’t well-known in many places around the world, but they’re definitely one of the most versatile, delicious, and nutrient-dense “safe starches” you can find. Plantains look just like (bigger) bananas, but unlike their doppelganger, plantains are a starchy fruit that has to be cooked before eaten. The best part is: plantains can be boiled, baked, steamed and even fried to make savory dishes.
While they do offer a range of benefits and prove to be a ‘safe starch’, you can’t eat a green plantain raw. Fried Plantain Lasagna (pastelon from Mamas Latinas) – If you love lasagna, you will love this dish. Plantain Rice & Beans (Inspiralized) – This recipe mainly uses green plantain as an alternative to rice. Fried Green Plantains (Nom Nom Paleo) – If you love eating fried food, then you definitely have to cook this dish. Sweet Plantain Guacamole (PaleOMG) – As the name implies, this recipe is used to make guacamole out of plantain.
Easy Paleo Plantain Chips (Paleo Newbie) – Easy Paleo Plantain chips are potato-like crisp, but a whole lot tastier.
Perfect Paleo Pancakes (The Paleo Mom) – These pancakes are made from plantains and instead of being dense are so light and tasty to eat.
Duck Fat Plantain Fries (South Beach Primal) – This recipe makes the most delicious and amazing fries you will ever taste in your life that are incredibly crispy and spicy at the same time.

Puerto Rican Plantain Sandwich (The Healthy Beast) – As the name implies, the sandwich’s main feature is the fried plantain. Easy Shredded Pork over Caramelized Mashed Plantains (PaleOMG) – Crockpot-cooked shredded pork over delicious coconut milk-spiked plantain mash is OMG good. So.  Today is Day 17 of the Paleo Iron Chef competition, and the not-so-secret ingredient is Honey. They have continued to be an occasional indulgence (I even used them to make a breading for my yummy paleo chicken fried steak) but I try not to eat them too often since the only ones I can find in stores are fried in vegetable oils I generally avoid consuming for multiple reasons, including their higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratios.
My favorite brand is available online from Barefoot Provisions –В my trusted source for consciously curated paleo and primal foodstuffs. Adding these Paleo plantain recipes to your diet might just what you were looking for shake up your usual routine. For this reason, here are a few amazing Paleo plantain recipes that will allow you to take full nutritional advantage of thisВ unique food. It can be made simply with a little tomato and beans, simmered with chicken broth and is amazingly delicious to eat. They are made with green plantains and a little coconut oil and are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is also simple to prepare and has plantains in the tostones, which makes it a perfect Paleo dish. Working in batches, quickly fry the plantain slices until golden brown, about 2 minutes, turning once with a slotted spoon or spatula. Price conference, it got me thinking about chips (or what Brits call “crisps”)! I found that the thinner the slices, the more crispy and delicious the chips – there was definitely a very direct correlation.

Plantains are generally grown in Hawaii, Southern US, Caribbean, Central America, the Canary Islands, and California.
Remove from the hot fat and drain on paper towel; repeat until all the chips have been fried. The Honest chips were potato chips fried in coconut oil, so I figured plantain chips could be fried in coconut oil too. I found keeping the plantains in the fridge helped to make them a bit more solid, which makes trying to slice them into thin slices a bit easier.
Fortunately, after some time of eating a clean paleo diet, I seem to have healed my gut enough that I no longer have allergic reactions to trace amounts of corn, but I’m not brave enough to actually knowingly eat it. Add the sliced plantains in a single layer (you will need to fry in several batches) and watch very closely as they will burn easily. They can be used to make savory stews, curries, and chips or cooked with pork for an easy crock pot dinner. Reduce the heat to low and, again working in batches, place several of the chips on the honey.
The coconut oil should be hot enough so that as soon as the plantain slice hits the oil, it starts to gently sizzle.
Repeat until all the slices are fried Dust with salt and cumin (or paprika) to taste and mix well without breaking any of the chips!

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